Live Edge Walnut Dining Table with Double Extensions

This live-edge walnut dining table measures out at eight feet long, and just about ten feet when the two extension pieces are installed. Our clients’ Rhode Island home is a spectacular piece of design, full of big spaces, big windows, and bold touches; it is clean and modern, and also warm and inviting - even on a stormy day like the one when we delivered this table. In a house like this one, the furniture needs to be able to stand up to the space it lives in. A big, arresting live-edge piece is the perfect answer. Through our custom furniture design process, we always shoot to allow just the right table for any given room to reveal itself to us.

This table rests on metal bases in what we call a “double-I” style, a design that we often recommend for homes with a more modern aesthetic. They offer an entirely different look than the more traditional pedestal and trestle bases that are so familiar, one that allows us to marry the beauty of the natural world with the best in human ingenuity. Because steel is so strong, we can use designs that might not be practical in wood. Often, these designs lend a table a more minimal look, allowing light to flow around and through them. Thus, we often like to use metal bases in bright, airy rooms with lots of space - to allow the whole room to really breathe.

The species of wood used here, black walnut, is a consistent favorite for our clients across a huge range of design styles. The natural colors can occasionally range into purples and reds, but the furniture we turn out typically features warm, chocolate-brown tones, that are a perfect fit in these clients’ home. Beloved among woodworkers for its consistency, durability, and beauty, we find that walnut has a mellow aura that homeowners always appreciate. A single-slab like this one is great when it comes to matching the look of the table to the feel of the home because it allows us and our clients to see the grain and coloration patterns from the very beginning of the process.

All that said, there are tons of other options for designing tables, and we’re comfortable with all of them. Check out this big maple dining table to get a taste of another look that we love:


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