The client was looking to upgrade his dining room table in his South End home. He was hoping for an 8' live edge walnut table that could extend to be 10'. This table seats 10 people, and 12 with the extension. At Cannon Hill Woodworking we work closely with the team at Berkshire Products to select the nicest slabs for our clients. In this case, we provided our client with an array of options at various price points, and then he personally made the trip to Sheffield, MA to select the slab. It was shipped to us the following week. 


The slab originally had some tear out at the top. It worked out that if we blended that area and removed the tear out, it would actually provide a more uniform shape. There was also some damage on the edges from the milling process that we seamlessly worked out. You would never know it was there. As we always do, when the slab arrived we marked out the cuts for the extension and sent photographs to the client. We're also always happy to FaceTime or to have the client come in person to our workshop to see the slab themselves again, or for the first time in person.


We are the only company around that can add a big, heavy two foot walnut extension to a table without fixing anything to the table. We have a fully removable system that is easy to use, easy to remove, and rock solid. This table has a live edge and metal bases, so you don't want to see any rail or extension system fixed to the underside. Because of our proprietary system, we are able to do what we call "same-slab" extensions. When the extension is added to this table, this incredibly swirling grain pattern flows from the table to the extension. It's a really incredible moment.

Here's another walnut slab table with did with a "Same-Slab" extension:


We added three large bowties to the underside of the extension, and four hand carved walnut bowties to the top. There was a split running the entire length of the extension so we needed to lock it together before cutting it off of the main slab or it would have broken immediately into two pieces. 

The table has a trapezoid metal base with an "Antique Bronze" finish. The table is finished with a Krystal matte lacquer spray that goes on smooth and protects the table from stains like no other product on the market can. This was an incredible slab, and we were luck to work on it.

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