Walnut Oval Dining Table with White Base


The white metal base on the table here came to us from a third-party vendor via our client, who felt that the design would be perfect for her ski-in ski-out condo in Vermont. Our preference is always to use our own in-house bases - and not just for ego reasons; we know that our designs work and we know that our rolling quality control process works. When we use third-party pieces, some of that ability to guarantee every phase of the build goes away. But that doesn’t mean that we will ever let a lesser piece go out our doors, only that we sometimes have to adapt our system. Even with well-made parts like this base, the process of integrating them into our designs can get complicated.

These single central pedestals are beautiful, but we have to be very careful to size our tables to them properly that we can be comfortable that there are no issues of tippiness or flexion. As it happens, this table is just about as big as we’d be go on a base like this one; any bigger and we’d start to have concerns. Thankfully, Cannon Hill’s experience and exhaustive design process allows us to determine things like size limitations before we even start to build.

The white enamel finish, and elegant lines of the base do indeed feel right at home in the condo, and they are beautifully complemented by the gorgeous tabletop we built. The species of wood used here, black walnut, is a consistent favorite for our clients almost irrespective of interior design style. Walnut plays nicely with just about everything. The natural colors occasionally range into purples and reds, but the furniture we turn out typically features warm, chocolate-brown tones. Beloved among woodworkers for its consistency, durability, and beauty, we find that homeowners always appreciate walnut’s warmth and depth.

There’s nothing we love more than really nailing a design and helping a client get a piece that they could see in their mind’s eye out into their home. Check out the link below to see a coffee table that looks totally different, but is equally the result of our design collaboration:



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