This 34" round walnut table top can seat three comfortably, and can be pulled out from the wall to squeeze four diners if serving platters are kept on the kitchen bar counters. We make tables of all shapes and sized to fit your space. The clients in this apartment adjacent to the Boston Common now have a nice walnut table for intimate meals by the window, where they had nothing before.

Another option for smaller tables that can allow more flexibility, is a small square that could be turned into a longer rectangle with our removable extender rails. Then for hosting groups of six or more, you could slide a couch in one direction, grab some folding chairs, and make your table much larger, without having it take up a lot of room on the 360 days a year you aren't hosting large parties (unless you have a busier social life than we do!)


The base is 2 inch raw steel with a matte finish enamel spray to prevent rust over time. It was make custom to our specs for this table, as are all out metal bases.