60" Round Walnut table with Cool Pedestal Base in Maine

The client for this table is a designer who has a vacation home in Maine. She designed the base of the table herself. She sent us a really nice hand drawing and basically said "I trust you to make this base beautiful and proportional to the table" and we went to work. What we didn't know was how cool her dining nook would be! Anyways, these bases are hand made like everything at Cannon Hill Woodworking, and assembled with real wood joinery. 

The top is perfectly flat, 1.625" thick, and 60" in diameter. When we make such large round tops we like to use 8/4 lumber because there is a little more surface area on the joints and we can ensure a structural glue up across such a wide span. Walnut is a really nice wood to work with because it's super durable but it's not as heavy as oak, and once you oil it the color pop transformation is like none other.

This walnut table has a lacquer spray finish, which is our most commercial grade finish. We spray a top of the line product called Krystal by ML Campbell. It's a matte natural finish, smooth to the touch and has a high level of stain resistance and a very professional quality aesthetic.

Here's another pedestal style base, in walnut with an oil finish:


At Cannon Hill, we make all of our dining tables custom and every base is handmade. We don't buy machine made bases and then try to stain or paint them like other companies do. We want you to be able to look up close, to touch and feel everything. You're not going to see little black dots where we've covered up screws. This is all wood joinery (which is strong than screws by the way and won't get creaky in ten years) and it has that effect of "How did they build that?" Since we make a lot of bases for the first time off of photos or drawings, we price them individually. We're able to get you close to ballpark pricing pretty quickly.

If you want to try your hand at designing a custom walnut table, or a table of any other wood type, go for it! It doesn't need to be the best drawing. We'll be able to work with you on developing the design and we'll make the table uniquely for you. I repeat- you don't have to have seen the table before! If you can dream it, we can build it.

Call us at 857-576-2089 or email us at info@cannonhillwood.com to get started today!