Gorgeous Walnut Table with Same-Slab Extension in Back Bay

This table is absolutely stunning. We did everything we could to make it exactly how the clients wanted it, but there's nothing we can do to make the grain so incredible. That's all Mother Nature- that's walnut. This is a single slab!! It's an incredible slab. We were out in Rhode Island many months back buying smaller slabs for a large order of book matched tables and I spotted this slab. I posted in on the Instagram looking for someone who would want a table. When these clients reached out to me, they had several designs in mind. We talked about the possibility of maple, of reclaimed oak, or walnut boards... and then it hit me that this slab was the perfect size for the job and maybe they would be able to imagine how beautiful it would look when we were done with it.

A slab like this is a lot of work. We have to flatten both sides by hand! Then we begin a multi-step sanding process. The "live" edges of this walnut slab were removed to make it into a 5 foot by 3 foot rectangle. The long edges were given a nice beveled edge. The 16" offcuts was turned into an extender. We've now done this several times and its so fun to see it come together. Because of our proprietary system of floating table extenders with fully removable rails, we are the only custom table maker around who can do this without fixing a bulky rail system to the underside of the table. This kind of a table extender can't be done with a book match. The slabs will curl slightly at the seam. However, a full wide slab like this holds flat. 

The base for this table us a square 1 x 2 steel with a black powder coat, the bases set wide enough apart for two chairs to slide in between them, and because of the open shape, there is no impeding of the knees for the diners at the ends of the table.

These clients were great. Super happy with their table and you can easily see why. It has a combo finish First a furniture oil to make the grain absolutely shine and pop. We do glorious oil finishes on walnut slabs. Oil is susceptible to stains. This isn't the end of the world because its easy to touch up, but these clients have a baby and they just want a more stain proof solution. So we waited a week for the oil to cure, and then we did a matte lacquer spray over it. 

We enjoyed meeting their goldendoodle Beacon upon delivery. Moose was sorry he couldn't make it. 


Check out this Maple live edge dining table we did in the South End with an extension that is the natural extension of the same slab:



There are a few more slabs available from this same tree! We can get out hands on them and make you something similar to this table! Give us a call 857-576-2089 or email us at info@cannonhillwood.com.