Amazing Walnut Slab with Custom Trestle Base in Needham

The clients for this live edge walnut table had recently purchased a new home in Needham with a really interesting landscaping and a lot of trees all around the house. They have this really great sun room off of their kitchen that they are remodeling into a nice dining space, but they couldn't wait to have a new live edge walnut table that they could really enjoy using. They came to us, as many of our clients do, with an idea for a live edge table, and a few favorite base designs. We helped them search for and select a really gorgeous 8 foot live edge walnut slab. We defer to the clients when it comes to aesthetic design always, but we step in to help build to the right proportions for look and seating arrangement, and with the right materials, which is what we did here.

This table base is one that we plane to make many more of in the future it's functional, sturdy, and toes the line between modern and classic. Those two ideas, modern and classic, are sort of in the eye of the beholder. Live edge which was once rustic, is making a comeback as modern because of company's like ours doing really high end professional finishing to these slabs. People think of them as rustic because they've seen some old beat up slab table in an old cabin which a chunky base. At Cannon Hill, we help people create very modern spaces with live edge walnut slabs, and the slabs are typically in the 1.5" thick range which is a really nice thickness. It's the "just right" thickness for most designs and spaces.

This table is a single slab but we also make really nice book matched tables, which is multiple pieces together and live edges on the outside.

This live edge walnut table is AWESOME! We can make one for you too! Please email us at, or call us at 857-576-2089. We'd be happy to meet you n our Seaport showroom to discuss a custom live edge table project.