This walnut dining table is a Cannon Hill classic. Unlike other companies that will limit you to a few machine made pedestal base options, and then try to stain them to make a "two tone" table, at Cannon Hill we build our bases from the same material as our tops and we make them custom to you design. When we go to the lumber yard, we select the material for each individual project. So we make sure to buy walnut boards that will all go well together and are free from major knots and tear outs. These bases are built by hand from the same walnut material as the top. We typically supply the client with a set of hand drawings, and there is also all the of the previous table bases to see on our website. From that, they either select their pedestals, or they make small changes or do some mix-and-match work. Up close, there are an absolute worth of art. It takes one of our woodworkers as entire work week to make a pair like these, and they hand make and assembly every single component of the table base themselves.

Walnut is gorgeous and so incredibly versatile. This home in Norfolk was recently remodeled so its a clean space with a classic style. No over the top frills, but classic and clean design work and architecture, white walls, new appliances, and hardwood floors. So the pedestal trestle bases that are slightly more ornate than a skirt and square leg assembly, bold and sturdy, but not very "sleek", go well in a space like this. Classic is the word. They go well with the space and also give it a little flare, but without being showy. They're impressive up close. It's funny how some people really want to see a really unique top, and then they say they don't even care much for the base. And some people want a classic walnut top, but they want the bases to be eye catching and unique. In this case, both the walnut table top and the bases are flawless.

Here's another similar table and base, handmade by Cannon Hill, but from reclaimed oak with a dark stain:

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