Walnut Dining Set with Bench and Five Chairs

This walnut dining set was one of our favorite projects to date. There is really only one way for your seating to truly match your table and this is a perfect example. The bench and table have matching walnut stacked pedestal bases. These ornate bases are incredibly sturdy, and entirely handmade. The client came to use with general designs in mind for the pedestals and the chairs. They wanted the the turned legs and arms of the walnut chairs to have elements that tied into the bases. We provided them with hand drawings of each, with multiple options, so that we could mix and match, and tweak here and there, until we'd come to the final design. 

The walnut pedestals are handmade. Build in sections, and carved by hand on the band saw and with hand tool and sanders, then assembled as a "stack". Each element is customizable. The front legs of the chairs were turned on the lathe, while the back legs were carved out by router templates and then by hand. The seats of these walnut chairs are all carved by hand with a special carving disk, and then finished of with sanders until they're super smooth. 

Walnut is an incredible wood to work with because you can never completely plan on what it's going to give you. It's fun to talk a step back from a project as you work on it and find all the incredible grain patterns and colors that make each piece so unique Especially on these pedestals for this 1 3/4" thick table and bench top. Some of the curved sections just pop with sapwood caramel colors. 

Here is another walnut dining set that we did:


The table itself is 7 1/2 feet and extends to be 10 feet. We have a fully removable extension system that is rock solid, never sags even if you push on it, and sets up in about a minute flat. It's our own design and we're very proud of it.