Ocean View Walnut Table with Pedestal Bases and Bench

The pedestal bases we make here at Cannon Hill Woodworking for any dining table are completely custom. That beings we can draw options for you, or you can provide a photo to match, or you yourself can take a stab at drawings. This walnut dining table has a pedestal base that began with a drawing on our end, and then the designer took our drawing and made her own redline drawing changes. That simple. It requires a little imagination, but when these walnut table bases were delivered they were absolutely gorgeous. 

This is a large table. 102" x 42" with a matching bench. The walnut bench has a simple A frame leg. The base of the bench can be made to match the table bases, like little baby bases, but the cost is higher, so in the case the client opted for a simpler bench base design. Both the table and the bench have what is called a "Roman Ogee" router edge.

This table now lives in a home in Manchester-By-The-Sea with Ocean views. If will be fine with the potential humidity fluctuations and moist sea air because the walnut is kiln dried properly, the table is built responsibly, and the finish, which is a Krystal Lacquer Spray, will completely seal the table off from moisture.

Here's another set we made completely custom that is similar. It was the original reason this client reached out to us. One successful table project begets another!


If you're interested in discussing a custom walnut table, or a furniture project with another wood type, please drop us a line. We'll get back to you quickly. Our email is info@cannonhillwood.com and our phone number is 857-576-2089.