Gorgeous Walnut Slab Trestle Table

This large walnut table was the product of an extensive design process that took place without any in-person consultations. We love meeting our clients face-to-face and taking them to our showroom or workshop, but it’s just not always possible. Much of the process can occur via emails and phone calls, especially as we’re determining things like shape and structure. When it comes to stains and finishes, though, there’s no substitute for seeing and handling a piece of wood. In order to ensure that all of our clients get the best possible sense for their finishes, Cannon Hill has developed a robust sample program. Whether you’re considering custom tints or stains, or simply getting a feel for the difference between oil and spray urethane, we’ll mail you samples that clearly lay out your options and the differences between them.

The species of wood used here, black walnut, is a consistent favorite for our clients across a huge range of design styles. The natural colors can occasionally range into purples and reds, but the furniture we turn out typically features warm, chocolate-brown tones. Beloved among woodworkers for its consistency, durability, and beauty, we find that walnut has an inviting aura that homeowners always value. While many of our clients - and their visitors - are immediately struck by the coloration of the material, the subtleties of the grain and the figure present in the wood are equally arresting. As you can see here, the curling, rolling patterns of the growing tree make this slab a natural work of art.

The base for this table is a trestle style that harkens to centuries-old traditions of furniture making, but with a clean, modern twist. Here at Cannon Hill, we aim to position ourselves at the intersection of legacy-grade quality and forward-thinking design. Trestles in this style offer the sense of gravity present in long-established forms, but with a sleeker sensibility. Just as importantly, they’re also a tremendously efficient system for maximizing seating area while minimizing the overall footprint of the table - with no legs to get in the way, chairs push in tight, and guests can sit anywhere around the table.

To see a much more traditional version of a trestle table, check out the link below:



Whether you’re in the market for something that recalls the past or pushes boldly into the future, we can design just the right piece together. Fill out the “Contact” form here on the site, email info@cannonhillwood.com, or call us at 857-567-2089 to get the process started.