Enormous Triple-Bookmatch Walnut Oval

Anyone who sees this sort of table will first and foremost notice its scale. At eleven feet long and six and a half wide, a piece of this size is a per se showstopper. Even if the grain and figure in these particular boards were unremarkable, which they are not, it would be impossible to enter the home and not marvel at the sheer presence of furniture this grand.

Although few homes have the space to accommodate tables as big as this, it’s important to remember that they — the tables — exist for a reason. As in all things to do with design, proportionality is essential. Just as we don’t want to fill a dining room with the absolute largest table it can contain, we don’t want a dining room to dwarf the table we build for it. We don’t build these enormous pieces simply to be enormous, but to serve specific purposes within the home.

It’s easy, on large products of any kind, to allow things to slip on the smaller scale; as the zoomed-out view becomes more impressive, the zoomed-in view can come to seem less important. In the full knowledge of this fact, we take particular care to design build processes that develop a whole out of small parts. In this way, each component becomes a project unto itself and nothing escapes notice. To take just one example, the roundover on this table is an elegant modified bullnose that sweeps back on the top and rolls tightly underneath. It’s a careful detail, and not one we do everyday. By carefully designing the process — not merely the detail — we ensured a consistent effect throughout.

The interior designer we worked with on this project had used these “drum”-style bases on tables before, but never for a top as massive as this one. We tripled them up on each end of the table to guarantee strength and stability. That we needed to make substantial modifications to the bases was no matter: it’s the reason to hire Cannon Hill. We will never allow functionality to suffer, and we will do whatever is necessary and possible for each design to meet our standards.

We make circle and oval tables all the time, just not often on this scale. Check out the rest of our work here on the site, and if you’re ready to have a conversation about some work then fill out the “Contact” form below, email info@cannonhillwood.com, or call 857-567-2089. We hope that we’ll hear from you soon.