Waterfall Walnut Island Extension

Our clients, for whom we’d previously built the walnut coffee table in these pictures, approached us with a concept that was pretty much new to Cannon Hill: a totally removable kitchen island extension that could serve was both a cutting board and, when pulled out from the island, seating for two. It’s always fun to work out the particular needs of an unfamiliar sort of project, even one that appears at surface level as simple as this one. After all, it’s just two pieces of wood attached at a right angle; how much could there be to that?

Well, a fair bit, as it turns out. First, though, the basics: this piece is what’s called a “waterfall”. That is, it’s made from a single long section which we cut along a common seam at 45-degree angles and then glued back together to form a tight, right-angle turn down to the floor. The name derives from the fact that, when the process is carefully and skillfully done, the wood grain flows seamlessly over and down the corner like water over a fall. You can follow along the grain all the way from the far inside end down to the floor in a virtually unbroken course. “Virtually” because at the corner the two pieces were separated by, at the very least, the thickness of a saw blade in the original boards or slab, and that can be enough to create a visual offset in inferior work.

As you can see, the home has been extraordinarily carefully designed, and we knew that we darn well had to match the precision and consistency in our work. We took extensive on-site measurements and designed our piece to line up perfectly with various points on the countertop and cabinets and to hit the floor exactly evenly. All in all, it was a lot of very careful work to ensure that nothing in the appearance or the design of the piece would create a visual or mental bump. The goal, in some sense, is that you don’t notice it all.

Here at Cannon Hill, we’re proud of our ability to build our customers furniture that is functionally and visually seamless with their lives and their homes. A waterfall table makes things more literal. Check out this double-waterfall dining table, which has a completely different feel, and browse the rest of the site to see what we can do:



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