Oak Waterfall Coffee Table with Brass Inlays in Needham

This oak waterfall coffee table was a fun build. It started out with a phone call from a designer in Texas working on behalf of a designer in Los Angeles working on behalf of a client in Needham. We sent several color samples over to Los Angeles and we went with a black oil made for going on wood furniture before a lacquer spray. The black oil finish is beautiful, and unlike paint it won't chip and also the beautiful grain of the white flat and quarters oak comes through. This is important in a waterfall design because we build the coffee table in one long flat piece before we cut and fold the ends so that the grain pattern is continuous through the piece. 


The coffee table is a four foot square and was built specifically for certain ottomans to fit just underneath it. The brass inlays are real brass, 3/8" thick and 3 inches by 3 inches long. We install them by hand. The table is extremely durable and free from screws. We used large domino tenons is an offset pattern to lock the seams together. Oak itself is a very durable material as well. This waterfall coffee table is 1 3/4" thick as well, adding to its stability.

We can build waterfall table bases as well. Here's a red oak waterfall table base with an oil finish we made for a glass table top:


If you want to create a custom piece for your home, please don't hesitate to reach out by calling 857-576-2089 or emailing info@cannonhillwood.com