A designer with whom we have completed many successful projects told us they wanted a new conference table top for their office on the North Shore. They had an old hospital gurney base that they wanted to use, but they wanted to remove the existing top and make a live edge oak top. We sourced to fourteen foot long slabs from Western MA, cut them each in half, kiln dried them in our shop's kiln, and then created this quadruple book match table top. A book match merely means that multiple slabs that are from the same section of the tree are put together, much like taking a book and folding it open to make it wider.

White oak and red oak look a little different. Check it out:


The slab has some long "checks" or splits which are very common in live edge slabs. After a tree is cut down and milled, as it dried, it dries fastest from the ends and therefor any splits grow if they aren't sealed and tied. So when we get our hands on the slabs, we dry the slabs in our kiln, and then we tie them. We can do bowties or barbell ties on the top or the bottom. When we do them on the bottom, we do them with a router. When we do them on the top, as in this table, we do them by hand. The fill in the splits in two part liquid epoxy with a dark dye. 

We know everyone around with live edge slabs. Most typically we source from Berkshire Products, but sometimes we go to smaller businesses of the "backyard" mills which can be goldmines for beautiful wood. We have all these places in our back pocket, and on speed dial, and we're the most knowledgeable business around as far as sourcing live edge wood and selecting quality slabs. 

We don't try to sell you on slabs we have in house- we source materials for projects individually. You won't get this kind of individual service elsewhere and you'll be brought into the sourcing process early on and given as many options as is necessary to really understand how this all works! There is a lot to cover, and we walk you through it all.

This table has a Rubio oil finish.

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