Modern Oak Dining Table and Base

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect setting for a table like this one than the modern home on Massachusetts’ South Coast where it now sits. With a beautiful combination of contemporary design and traditional seaside tones, the house offers a perfect marriage of the new and the familiar. Basking in the sun with a gorgeous view down to the water, we hope the table will do the same.

This table is built in white oak and finished with oil - a combination with a long, proud history in New England furniture-making and beyond. The light colorations and straight, identifiable grain are familiar, and for that reason some people overlook it when designing a feature piece. We urge our clients not to dismiss this venerable species. Indeed, that familiarity is exactly what makes it the right choice in this project. By using a less conventional base, we can put an interesting new twist on a material that we’ve all seen before.

Natural finishes like the one we used here suggest warmth and reliability. In spaces with more contemporary design, cooler tones in washed-out grays and whites often look best and white oak takes these tints extraordinarily well. If this project goes to show anything, though, it’s that you don’t need to follow the usual route to get just the right piece for your home.

Here at Cannon Hill, our finishing oil of choice is Rubio Monocoat. After years of experience and extensive testing with a wide range of finishes, we’ve yet to find another product that matches the beauty, consistency, durability, and simplicity of Rubio. The oils create a molecular bond with the wood fibers, lending the finish an appearance of natural depth that we and our clients always love.

We build a wide variety of bases here at Cannon Hill in all sorts of designs and from all sorts of materials. This “genre” of single base is one of our favorites and one that’s sure to be an eye-catcher. Whereas some bases are meant to invoke heft and substance, these suggest elegance and contemporary refinement; there’s almost the quality of origami to them, and an airiness that suits light-filled rooms well. A product of extensive testing and design evolution, these bases never fail to impress.

If you like the stye of this table, but are interested in what something similar would look like in a different species, click the link below to see one in walnut:


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