The client was moving from San Francisco to Boston, having bought a home in Medfield, so they ended up starting the project with us from across the country and we timed it so that they could come to the showroom and select a finish as the table was nearing completion. They ended up choosing our Rubio oil finish, in the "pure" color which is clear essentially, but transforms oak, giving it a bit more flavor and warmth. 

This base was custom made, as is all of our bases, for this table. Hand selected white oak boards, so we were able to find some boards with some really incredible character to showcase in the bases. This is an inset trestle base. A base design like this could in theory also be expanded, so that the legs almost act as corner legs from a seating standpoint, but would not require a skirt assembly as it is a fully stand-alone trestle assembly.

We are happy to do computer mock ups for you of the base of your table, so that you can see your clearances for seating.

White oak is one of the more readily available domestic hardwoods. It's incredibly durable an affordable. Some people tire of white oak because they've seen it so often. The thing is, these hand selected boards are incredible. People that think they know oak because they're used to 3" flooring, need to see and feel this type of oak in person.

An advantage to oak is the the color is so easily manipulated, online maple or elm which reject stains and look blotchy. Oak takes stains evenly. Here is an example of a white oak table with a white wash and an oil-based-urethane finish:

This table is about 72" x 36". If you're interested in a custom table please email us at or call us at 857-576-2089. We are located in downtown Boston.