The clients are remodeling their own home in Natick. They've taken on the remodel as a passion project and wanted a table that fit perfectly into their new dining space that could seat two extra people without getting any longer. The solution was to go wider, so that two can comfortably feet on each end of this wide reclaimed oak dining table. 

They came to the showroom with dimensions of their space and walked through the comfortable distances to keep between your table and walkways and walls. A matching reclaimed oak bench that pushed in was a solution for the side that encroached upon the walkway, as it can easily be tucked away when not in use. 

This dining table has four turned oak legs. The legs are not turned from reclaimed material, but from new growth oak. At Cannon Hill Woodworking, when a client wants turned legs they have two options. We can source a machine turned leg in the same material as the table top, or turn a custom leg in house which is going to cost more.  There are many nice styles to chose from. Doing a whitewashed or grey tint on the legs is also a really nice option with a reclaimed top.

Here is another reclaimed oak table we made with turned legs:

This reclaimed oak dining set is finished with a furniture oil. The advantage to finishing reclaimed wood furniture with an oil is that it can be refinished very easily and is a chemical free finish so it can be done in the home. At Cannon Hill we work often with reclaimed oak. We've built our own kiln to ensure that the wood reaches the proper moisture content so that there is minimal to no movement when it acclimates to your home. Wood that has been outside for 150 years has a tendency to dry out in conditioned and heated spaces, so the moisture content before it is worked on is very crucial

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