Custom Oak Dining Table with Original Base

This white oak dining table is a piece we like to point to when clients wonder what we mean when we talk about custom furniture. It is a true Cannon Hill original. Everything we make is a one-off, handmade right here in our Roxbury workshop to a fresh set of specifications each time. Some furniture shops offer “customization” of a table’s length and width, but that’s about the extent of it. Not so at Cannon Hill.

Our client on this piece came to us hoping to build a table that was inspired by a statue that had long been standing in her front yard. With pictures of the statue in hand, our shop head and design lead, Sam, sat down and drew out a handful of base design ideas as a starting point. Once the client had selected her favorite, we began to process of refining the silhouette; we like to refer to our design process as just that — a process — because we know that it’s only through iteration and prolonged attention that we arrive at products we’re proud of and our clients love.

There’s something almost Art Deco to the lines in this base, in its combination of angularity and gentle curves. Suffice it to say, Sam really outdid himself on this one. When he had finished up with this original design, though, our work in the shop hadn’t even started. Building this base from solid oak meant taking techniques from some more familiar styles and combining them with new ones that we developed specifically for this piece.

Perhaps less eye-catching than the base itself, but probably more important to the table, is the fact that it works so well both with and without extensions in place. Without extensions attached, the table measures eight feet long; with them in it grows to a full twelve feet. We use a proprietary, patent-pending extension system that we know works beautifully, so we never have concerns about strength or stability, but creating an original base that’s as striking as this one can be tricky. We take as our starting point that our furniture be rock-solid and functionally flawless — that never changes; it’s a testament to Sam’s design ability and the thoroughness of his work that the table “looks right” whether extensions are in place or not. The proportionality of this table is no mean feat.

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