Iroko "African Teak" King Size Bed Frame

The design for this bed was inspired by a combination of the clients' previous bed which they liked very much, and their night stands. The reason they went custom was because they were purchasing a King size bed from the Sleep Number store and they wanted a frame that would fit around their new bed and wrap around the Sleep Number frame and mattress in the right places to cover up the mechanized platform.

We went to the Sleep number store and took exact measurements to make sure we would be building to the correct specs because the factory specs aren't always totally reliable when you want dimensions to be just right.

The bed is made from Iroko, which is a commonly used alternative to European teak because it is much more affordable and it matches the color and behaves quite similarly over time. Their new home is still being remodeled so the bed is in storage for now, but we will have finished photos of it in it's new home sometime in November.