Showroom meetings

Our showroom is located at 326 A Street in the Seaport. Showroom meetings are very informative for a client or design professional looking to learn more about wood types, design, table extensions, and finishes. It is also nice to meet in person before undertaking a custom project. In the Cannon Hill Woodworking showroom, you can see and feel many different wood and finish options. It is a small space designed for learning, not for selling. As such, nothing in there is for sale. Most showroom meetings take between forty minutes and an hour. We only meet with prospective residential clients after discussing specific pricing about a specific upcoming project. We are happy to meet a high-end design professional there any time, whether or not a specific project is in the works. Please note showroom hours listed on our home page and contact page.

Design Work

Many projects require additional computer spec elevations, CAD renderings, or hand drawn design work. Sometimes the design work is aesthetic, and sometimes more functional. We provide this type of design work on a project by project basis when necessary. 

Desk sketch Desk Sketch Desk from sketch

Coordination with Vendors and Contractors

Cannon Hill is willing to coordinate with outside vendors and contractors. Coordination could be taking a bench to an upholsterer, picking up unique materials outside of our usual vendors, taking a table to a CNC sign engraver, contacting a 3rd party vendor to discuss a component of a build, taking in-location measurements, or obtaining and utilizing special components for a project. Coordination can also be coming up with an installation plan for a contractor if they do not choose to create one themselves. In the event that it becomes necessary for Cannon Hill Woodworking, at a customer’s request, to coordinate with a vendor outside of its normal metal and powder coat vendors, or usual online vendors, a coordination fee will often apply and will be agreed upon in the invoice, or at the time of a change in design.  

CNC table Custom upholstered bench

Home/ Site Visits

Home/Site Visits: If you live within 45 miles of Boston 


We will come to your home or worksite, or go to a necessary furniture store, to take measurements, help with size of table or seating, or to see your space, for a fee. Keep in mind, we are not interior designers, but we are furniture designers. This means, we won’t tell you what color works best, but we will tell you what size works best for your space or what type of base or legs we think works best for your seating goals.


We will come to your home with a template of the table top and do a “mock delivery” to ensure that it will fit into your home for a mock delivery fee, usually for $250-$350.


We will come to your home and template for counters for a templating fee. Cost depends on the scale of the project.


It is important to understand that wood is a natural material, and like snowflakes, no two pieces are identical, regardless of the species and finish selected. Unlike snowflakes however, which are all white, wood specie color is more of a spectrum. CHW does not “color match”. Wood varies greatly in grain, color, pattern, and some finishes may accentuate or alter certain of these characteristics. Different forms of lighting, age of wood, and finish may also affect the appearance of the product. In very rare cases we outsource the finishing to color experts who will provide their own samples.

  • If you have selected a wood, tint (or no tint), and a finish, we will mail you a finish sample for $40, if you need something to reference with your designer. These samples are minimum 18 square inches
  • If you are choosing between specific wood types and finishes, we will mail you minimum 18 square inch samples for $25 shipping + $25 per sample. This applies to router edge samples as well.


Cannon Hill Woodworking delivers and assembles most projects to our clients' homes. We don’t hire outside delivery personnel, rather the woodworkers from our shop will bring the project to you. Pricing for deliveries is based on our pricing guidelines, which we can send to you upon request. 

Table delivery Commercial table delivery

Install Work

Cannon Hill Woodworking has a highly skilled team of install professionals. We can install bar tops, floating shelves, and much more. Install work will be discussed in detail beforehand, and a price will be given. We can also deliver to your home for your contractor to install. 

Custom bar install Custom kitchen island install Custom waterfall bar install