Walnut Stacked Pedestal Bases in Bedford, Custom Built As Always!

When we build custom stacked double pedestal trestle bases, they're always made custom. They take as much material and time to make as a table top, and they're truly works of art. We love building them. Usually we send people a number of hand drawings to get the conversation started, and then we work our way towards a final design. Our clients are always over the moon for their bases, and it's extra special knowing that they are completely one of a kind. Don't be fooled by companies that buy and assemble these and then paint or stain them to cover up that they're so cheap.

Live Edge Walnut with Curved Bases and Same Slab Extension in Charlestown

This is an awesome Claro Walnut slab! We used a portion of the table off cut for the same slab extension, which is our specialty, and the last bit of the slab to make a really cool little side table. The table has a lacquer spray finish. It has curved bases that we make by gluing up strips of walnut around custom made forms. The same slab extension system is fully removable so that there is nothing to see under the table when it's not in use which would ruin the clean effect of the live edge and the curved legs. But the brackets when installed are rock solid, and the effect is very cool.

Solid Walnut Hall Tree Bench in Westwood

This was designed by the client. We contributed the design for the moulding, which was handmade, and converted her hand drawing to a CAD, and off we go! She originally thought that she wanted oak with a brown stain, but once she came to the showroom she fell for walnut. Here at Cannon Hill Woodworking specialize in dining tables, but now and then we make a unique cabinet or side table for a client that wants something they can't find elsewhere. The client loves her new piece, and we hope it sparks joy every time she enters her home. 

10' Jamaica Plain Walnut Table with Full Frame Walnut Base

This is an incredible 10' walnut table with a full frame trestle base design that is really functional and appealing. The table is sturdy and robust without being too farmhouse chunky. It's a slam dunk table and people are loving this design. We'll likely do many more. This table is 8/4 black walnut with an oil finish. It has one 24" extension to add two people to the table. The table now lives in a newly remodeled home in Jamaica Plain, Boston. 

Wayland Walnut Table with Twisting Steel Pedestal Base

This is a classically beautiful walnut top with an oil finish that has quite a statement for a base. The twisting steel pedestal was the idea of the client, and we provided a CAD to get it right, and welded it custom to for this particular table. The base has a black powder coat. Top has an oil finish. The table now lives in a newly remodeled home in Wayland. 

Super Thick Walnut Live Edge Table with Live Edge Bases in Cambridge

This is a 3.5" thick walnut, 9' live edge slab table. It took four of us to carry the slab into this Cambridge home overlooking the Charles River. The top is incredible- easily 500 pounds and it has the walnut figure that you dream of when you pick al I've edge slab. Its truly a one of a kind piece. The bases are 2.5" thick live edge walnut. The entire table has an oil finish. It's rock solid. You could jump up and down on it and even though it's massive, it has a very finished and sleek appearance. Probably the heaviest table we've ever made!