Oak Table with Hand Turned Legs and Extensions in Somerville

This white oak table was for a couple who'd recently gotten married and moved into a new place in Somerville. This is a really classic table design, but it just looks better when Cannon Hill Woodworking makes it. For starters we turned the legs in house, so they are made from the same material as the top. Other "custom furniture" companies in Boston would buy these legs from a 3rd party vendor, so material would not be an exact match and the proportions would not be to the client's exact specifications. In this case, the client actually made a computer mock up for us of the legs.

Bar Height Gathering Tables in Concord Country Club

Typically large commercial remodel or new construction projects go mostly with what's known as "commercial grade" furniture and millwork vendors. This means "you get what you get and you don't get upset". This make sense, of course. If you need to buy 40 tables for a large dining room, or 160 chairs, you can't have every piece be fine handmade furniture. Cannon Hill Woodworking is here for that accent piece or two, for that conference table, or private dining space, or welcome area table that you want people to see and go "Wow". 

White Oak Live Edge Conference Table Top in Gloucester

A designer with whom we have completed many successful projects told us they wanted a new conference table top for their office on the North Shore. They had an old hospital gurney base that they wanted to use, but they wanted to remove the existing top and make a live edge oak top. We sourced to fourteen foot long slabs from Western MA, cut them each in half, kiln dried them in our shop's kiln, and then created this quadruple book match table top.

White Oak Table with Trestle Base in Medfield

The client was moving from San Francisco to Boston, having bought a home in Medfield, so they ended up starting the project with us from across the country and we timed it so that they could come to the showroom and select a finish as the table was nearing completion. They ended up choosing our Rubio oil finish, in the "pure" color which is clear essentially, but transforms oak, giving it a bit more flavor and warmth. 

Unique Corner Legs and Steeply Beveled Skirt in South Dartmouth

This gorgeous white-washed oak table was unique and challenging build due to its sleek legs and uniquely beveled skirt. Were this table made from cheap "engineered wood" at one of those supposed "high end" furniture stores, then the construction would not be as difficult because fake, I mean "engineered" wood, doesn't move the way real wood does as it acclimates year round to the changes in seasons and ambient humidity. In a nutshell, the top wants to expand and contract along the width of the boards and may see upwards of a 3/16 inch fluctuation.

Ten Foot Red Oak Slab for Boston School Greenhouse

It's really nice making a table that you know is going to be used by children who are learning and engaging with nature. This ten foot red oak slab table is going to be home to art projects, gardening lessons, and even math and english lessons when the teacher just want to get out of the classroom. This local charter elementary school in Dorchester was given a grant for the greenhouse and then a subsequent grant for the table. Zack, the founder of Cannon Hill Woodworking, spent 2 years as an elementary school teacher before becoming a carpenter, so this project was near and dear to him.

6' Diameter Oak Table Top in New Rhode Island Home

The clients are furnishing a new construction home in Rhode Island with a grand open concept living, dining, and kitchen area. They have dark concrete floors and a dark granite countertop. They came to visit the shop hoping to create a 3" thick by 6' diameter table top to fit on a big heavy metal base that they already had. On this oak dining table top, Cannon Hill Woodworking only made the top, though we do make custom metal bases.

Oak Waterfall Coffee Table with Brass Inlays in Needham

This oak waterfall coffee table was a fun build. It started out with a phone call from a designer in Texas working on behalf of a designer in Los Angeles working on behalf of a client in Needham. We sent several color samples over to Los Angeles and we went with a black oil made for going on wood furniture before a lacquer spray.

Waterfall Oak Table Base with Glass Top

The client came to us hoping to recreate a waterfall oak table base design she'd seen before at a "high end" furniture chain store where upon closer review she'd recognized that the base was made from thin material wrapped around a substrate to give it the appearance of being thicker but that it would actually be too weak and light to hold a heavy glass table top. In our showroom she saw a reclaimed oak table with a finish that she liked because it had a little red/orange tone. She brought one of her chairs to the showroom so that she could hold it up against different wood types