Hexagonal Oak and Walnut Top for Office Conference Table

In this case the client came to us with a very specific need. He is a small business owner with a home office with a composite conference table that works for his office meetings. However, when he hosts dinner parties, he clears the room and uses it as a dining table. Typically he puts a table cloth to cover the other table. 

Unique Corner Legs and Steeply Beveled Skirt in South Dartmouth

This gorgeous white-washed oak table was unique and challenging build due to its sleek legs and uniquely beveled skirt. Were this table made from cheap "engineered wood" at one of those supposed "high end" furniture stores, then the construction would not be as difficult because fake, I mean "engineered" wood, doesn't move the way real wood does as it acclimates year round to the changes in seasons and ambient humidity. In a nutshell, the top wants to expand and contract along the width of the boards and may see upwards of a 3/16 inch fluctuation.

Ten Foot Red Oak Slab for School Greenhouse

It's really nice making a table that you know is going to be used by children who are learning and engaging with nature. This ten foot red oak slab table is going to be home to art projects, gardening lessons, and even math and english lessons when the teacher just want to get out of the classroom. This local charter elementary school in Dorchester was given a grant for the greenhouse and then a subsequent grant for the table. Zack, the founder of Cannon Hill Woodworking, spent 2 years as an elementary school teacher before becoming a carpenter, so this project was near and dear to him.

6' Diameter Oak Table Top

The clients are furnishing a new construction home in Rhode Island with a grand open concept living, dining, and kitchen area. They have dark concrete floors and a dark granite countertop. They came to visit the shop hoping to create a 3" thick by 6' diameter table top to fit on a big heavy metal base that they already had. On this oak dining table top, Cannon Hill Woodworking only made the top, though we do make custom metal bases.

Waterfall Oak Table Base with Glass Top

The client came to us hoping to recreate a waterfall oak table base design she'd seen before at a "high end" furniture chain store where upon closer review she'd recognized that the base was made from thin material wrapped around a substrate to give it the appearance of being thicker but that it would actually be too weak and light to hold a heavy glass table top. In our showroom she saw a reclaimed oak table with a finish that she liked because it had a little red/orange tone. She brought one of her chairs to the showroom so that she could hold it up against different wood types

Reclaimed Oak Table with Alcove Bench and Chairs

This set is awesome! The client came to us with the idea for her new condo in South Boston. Her alcove is a bit tight for a custom dining table and chair set, so a wrap-around bench was a really efficient way to get the maximum amount of seating in the space. And given that she has two reclaimed oak and metal frame chairs, anyone that doesn't want to slide in can sit at a chair. 

Dark Oak Bookshelves in the South End

We can make custom shelving or mantle of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. The clients really wanted a dark finish on these shelves so we used a stain and poly to finish them. Furniture oils tint the wood color and look beautiful, but their ability to darken wood is limited because subsequent coats build on each other. Stains can be applied thinly or thickly to obtain the desired saturation and finish. A second or third coat of stain will significantly darker the piece.

Outdoor Reclaimed Oak Farmhouse Table and Bench Set

This outdoor reclaimed oak table and bench set is made from barn board that is over 150 years old. The wood is no stranger to outdoor use as it has been exposed to the elements for a long time. Nevertheless, when we mill it for a tabletop we expose fresh wood which leaves the wood susceptible to warping. We learned a valuable lesson with this table- that some of the reclaimed wood we buy needs extra kiln time before being used. This table top warped on us. So we cut it up, kiln dried it further, and re built it with the spaces between the boards. Lesson learned.