Metal Legs

Live-Edge Dining Table in the South End with Same-Slab Extension

The client was looking to upgrade his dining room table in his South End home. He was hoping for an 8' live edge walnut table that could extend to be 10'. This table seats 10 people, and 12 with the extension. At Cannon Hill Woodworking we work closely with the team at Berkshire Products to select the nicest slabs for our clients. In this case, we provided our client with an array of options at various price points, and then he personally made the trip to Sheffield, MA to select the slab. It was shipped to us the following week. 


Black Walnut Dining Set with Double-I Base and Chairs

The size of this black walnut table, the design of the base, and the size of the extender were very important in this instance because the table was going in the kitchen, in a corner which already had a built in bench. There was only 60" until the doorway, but the clients wanted to be able to seat 8 at the table when they hosted. So we made them a 24" table extension, which only we can do because of our proprietary locking extension hardware that is super strong at virtually any length of extension. 

Ten Foot Red Oak Slab for School Greenhouse

It's really nice making a table that you know is going to be used by children who are learning and engaging with nature. This ten foot red oak slab table is going to be home to art projects, gardening lessons, and even math and english lessons when the teacher just want to get out of the classroom. This local charter elementary school in Dorchester was given a grant for the greenhouse and then a subsequent grant for the table. Zack, the founder of Cannon Hill Woodworking, spent 2 years as an elementary school teacher before becoming a carpenter, so this project was near and dear to him.

Walnut L Desk for Basement Office

We started with several potential designs for this L shaped walnut desk. It is 6 feet by 8 feet. 24" deep on one side and 36" deep at the other side. We went back and forth with the client, and he taped it all out on his floor. His family had moved into a new home and this alcove section of the basement was going to become his home office. Right down to the end we were tweaking the dimensions of the desk. When we put it in place, it was a perfect fit, and has the exact dimensions that the client decided would work best for his work flow.

Live Edge Walnut Table with Trapezoid Metal Base

This live edge walnut table is a "book match" meaning it's made from putting together sister slabs from the same tree. Sister slabs are slabs that come from the same section of the tree. The table is 66" long by 32" wide. It fits the space well. The client came to our showroom looking to put together a table of this nature, and he was also hoping to support a local company which is exactly what we are. All of the wood for our live edge furniture is sourced locally and it makes its way to us through distributors or sawyers who operate and live in New England.


Gorgeous Walnut Table with Same-Slab Extension in Back Bay

This table is absolutely stunning. We did everything we could to make it exactly how the clients wanted it, but there's nothing we can do to make the grain so incredible. That's all Mother Nature- that's walnut. This is a single slab!! It's an incredible slab. We were out in Rhode Island many months back buying smaller slabs for a large order of book matched tables and I spotted this slab. I posted in on the Instagram looking for someone who would want a table. When these clients reached out to me, they had several designs in mind.

Walnut Dining Table with Trapezoid Metal Base and Extenders

This walnut dining table is five feet long to comfortably seat six diners and it extends to seven feet long to seat eight. We moved the legs of the base further towards the ends of the table to accommodate two chairs being tucked in. A note about chairs; they come in a variety of widths from 15" to 22" wide, with the most common being 17-19" wide. When we make chairs they are typically 17.5" wide. What the client did here was very wise- she chose an open base shape, a trapezoid. This allows her to cheat the legs of the table towards the ends to fit two chairs in.