Custom wood

Live Edge Walnut with Curved Bases and Same Slab Extension in Charlestown

This gorgeous Claro walnut slab features a single-side extension, curved-leg bases, and a lacquer spray finish. As soon as this slab landed in our workshop we knew it would become a stunning piece of furniture. Claro walnut – actually a result of grafting and cross-pollination between eastern European and native American walnut species – grows in the American Northwest, and offers some of the most dramatic figure and coloration of any walnut variety.

Reclaimed Oak Oval with Curved Bases in Somerville

Reclaimed oak oval with all the character you love to see in a reclaimed oak top. Cut to a custom oval shape. Bases are custom curved bases made from curved strips of wood. The bases are actually dozens of strips curved around a form, as opposed to single pieces of wood cut in a curve. It's a way cooler look and more structurally sound. 

Super Thick Walnut Live Edge Table with Live Edge Bases in Cambridge

This is a 3.5" thick walnut, 9' live edge slab table. It took four of us to carry the slab into this Cambridge home overlooking the Charles River. The top is incredible- easily 500 pounds and it has the walnut figure that you dream of when you pick al I've edge slab. Its truly a one of a kind piece. The bases are 2.5" thick live edge walnut. The entire table has an oil finish. It's rock solid. You could jump up and down on it and even though it's massive, it has a very finished and sleek appearance. Probably the heaviest table we've ever made!


Curved Base on Oceanfront Walnut Table in Gloucester

We encourage our clients to get creative and to think outside the box. We've created a number of custom base shapes that might look quite simple on paper, but when you see then executed with black walnut they come to life in incredible ways. We are hoping these bases catch on and more and more people are interested in buying them. These walnut table bases are not cut in a curved shape out of a thick block of wood, which would be wasteful and less structurally sound.

Incredible Hand-Curved Walnut Bases in Rhode Island

Cannon Hill makes everything custom, by hand, and these incredible curved walnut bases are no exception. This design was chosen from a page of simple hand drawings done by Cannon HIll's Sam O'leary, and then it was converted into a CAD rendering for the client based on the size of their table. This curved base is made by making many dozens of strips of walnut, rolling glue between each strip, and curving them around a custom made form.

Gorgeous Walnut Table Top with I/X Trestle

What incredible figure in the grain of these walnut boards! At Cannon Hill we hand select every single board for every single table. Not only does that create less waste, it ensures you get a carefully selected and beautiful table! Other table makers, when they get to the level of production that we are, begin to order their wood from the mid-west to save money. They pick irresponsibly, farm-factory walnut trees that don't have the kind of incredible character you see on Cannon HIll's tables. Sure we could save a few dollars, and many hours each month but what's the fun in that!?

Twelve Foot Walnut Live Edge Table with Live Edge Base

This live edge walnut slab is possibly is the most gorgeous slab to ever come through the doors at Cannon Hill Woodworking. It is Bastogne Walnut which is a gorgeous and rare find. The base was made out of another walnut slab. It's a really incredible design which was brought to us by the client. We'd love a chance to make another. 

Live Edge Walnut Cocktail Table with Funky Infinity Base in Seaport

The base for this live edge walnut cocktail table was a fun one to build for Cannon Hill's Sam O'Leary. All hand carved. The client came to us with the design for the cocktail table. We happened to have some live edge walnut in the shop and we pulled it all out and sent her photos of the options for how we could construct the top. It is a triple book match, meaning three pieces of lumber together, with two live outside edges. For style, we left the sapwood stripes in the middle. 

Waterfall Oak Table Base with Glass Top

The client came to us hoping to recreate a waterfall oak table base design she'd seen before at a "high end" furniture chain store where upon closer review she'd recognized that the base was made from thin material wrapped around a substrate to give it the appearance of being thicker but that it would actually be too weak and light to hold a heavy glass table top. In our showroom she saw a reclaimed oak table with a finish that she liked because it had a little red/orange tone. She brought one of her chairs to the showroom so that she could hold it up against different wood types