Big Leaf Maple with White Tripod Base in NYC Penthouse

This is an incredible single big leaf maple slab that has been cut into a rectangle with beveled sides and has a really gorgeous same slab extension. The table has a custom tripod pedestal trestle base with a white powder coat, and a lacquer spray finish. The table now lives in an incredible NYC apartment overlooking the Hudson River.

Maple L shaped Desk with Custom Cabinets in Belmont

Custom built L shaped maple desk for a client in Belmont. It may look clean and simple (and it's supposed to!) but a desk like this oil the product of over 75 emails, and measuring, and re-measuring and discussing every option for support and design in through detail. We're a full service design and build company, and that's exactly what we did here with this maple desk. 


Maple Live Edge Countertop In Hyde Park

This is a Live-Edge Maple Slab that we cut to size and installed to be the countertop for a great client in Hyde Park, Boston. The grain has incredible figure that pops when oiled. We took great care with this slab to tie it and fill all the crack with a durable pour epoxy. Milled maple can be very uniform and light but live edge big leaf and burly maple slabs are wild!

Maple Table with Brown Spray Finish in Wenham

This table was quite a long process but the end result was really fantastic. We started with a general trestle design and provided the clients with multiple rounds of hand drawn design alternatives. We more or less ended up where we started, but it's part of some people's decision making process to feel like they've flirted with all the alternatives to then end up going with their gut. We next did a spec elevation CAD rendering for the clients so they could see proportions and think about leg and chair clearance.

Maple Coffee Table in Newly Built Mountain Cabin in North Carolina

The client grew up in the Berkshires and has since moved to North Carolina. This maple slab from Berkshire Products was a rare find, in that it was so wide and also short. The home was built in the mountains of North Carolina, so we shipped the table and apparently the first delivery truck that came to drop it off couldn't even make it up the mountain road. This table is an incredible maple, the grain pops magnificently with a Rubio oil "pure" finish. The bases were custom made as well for this top.

Live Edge Maple Slab Table with Trapezoid Metal Legs

The client came to our showroom and together we chose this Maple slab from Berkshire Products website. It was discounted nearly $800 from similar slabs due to some large splitting and checking and some bark inclusions and tear outs. We blended the live edge of the slab on one side to make it a more natural "rectangular" table shape. We installed six bowties to the underside of the slab to hold the large splits from ever moving again. We filled all the cracks and holes with a clear epoxy. The table has a lacquer spray finish for stain protection.

Maple Dresser with Cherry Drawer Fronts and Pulls

We'd done a piece of furniture already for this client in a two-tone look. We'd made him a desk with a walnut top and cabinet which had oak drawer fronts. He wanted to maintain the theme of the two tone look on this custom built dresser but change up the materials. We'd always felt that cherry and maple would go together as well as oak and walnut and we were' really glad to have a chance to try it out on this dresser.

Live Edge Maple Table with Same-Slab Extender and Wishbone Base

Check out this incredible live edge maple table! This gorgeous maple slab came to us from Berkshire Products. After an extensive search, the client chose it herself, and she clearly made an awesome decision. She probably looked at over thirty possible slabs before making this decision. We help in that process. We have a trained and experienced eye so we're able to give meaningful advice during the process. Since the client is buying the slab directly from the distributor in some cases like these with more expensive slabs, we have no incentive to direct the cost up or down.