Mahogany Table with Pedestal Bases in Cambridge

This mahogany table was so incredibly enjoyable to make. It's one of our favorite woods because it's so elegant and regal and yet it has more durability than most other wood types and is even suitable for outdoor use. There are several types of mahogany that can be sourced in New England- though none of the trees are from here. There is Honduran mahogany, and then there is Sipo Mahogany and African Mahogany or Sapele.

Mahogany Oval Table in Office Conference Room

This table is in a conference room in the same building as our office/showroom in the Seaport. When they came by to see our showroom, they decided they needed to upgrade their conference table. It's not a large room, so an oval shape was perfect not only for flow of traffic, but also to angle everyone so as to be facing one another during meetings. We make oval tables in most lengths and widths.