Live Edge Claro Walnut Waterfall Desk

Our client came to us with the idea for this desk, and we homed in on the final design together. Rather than having conventional legs or a base, it features a waterfall edge on one side, and rests on a preexisting built-in bookcase on the other. The “waterfall” here refers to the fact that it’s made from a single long section which we cut along a common seam at 45-degree angles and then glued back together to form a tight, right-angle turn down to the floor. When the process is properly done, the wood grain flows seamlessly over and down the corner like water over a fall.

Elm Corner Desk with Drawer Set

When we’re making a desk, the design process needs to consider some different factors that aren’t present in tables. What will the use be? Is it a desk for meeting across, or for solo work? Will our client be working at a computer most of the time? Using multiple monitors? What are the storage requirements? If it’s going in a corner, like this one, how is it best positioned to maximize usable space of both the room and the desk? Answering all these questions is the backbone of the design process.

American Elm Console And Side Table Set

These three American elm tables are the result of a collaboration between Cannon Hill and a designer working on a Wellesley home. While our work with designers is typically characterized by a great deal of back and forth to ensure that all parties involved agree on each individual decision, occasionally, as in this case, we’ll effectively be handed a brief and turned loose to create some beautiful work that fulfills all the needs.

Morado/Bolivian Rosewood Desk with Cabinet and Shelves in Boston

It was quite difficult to source the Bolivian Rosewood (aka Morado) for this project because you can usually only find smaller or thinner pieces. We ended up finding a distributor in Maryland with just barely enough material to make the project work! The design was a collaboration between Cannon Hill and the client, who wanted a better work from home set up as Covid has him working from home.

The desk is completely custom made by hand, with every detail off the build planned beforehand. The drawer boxes are solid maple, with dovetail joints. It has an oil finish. 

Maple L shaped Desk with Custom Cabinets in Belmont

Custom built L shaped maple desk for a client in Belmont. It may look clean and simple (and it's supposed to!) but a desk like this oil the product of over 75 emails, and measuring, and re-measuring and discussing every option for support and design in through detail. We're a full service design and build company, and that's exactly what we did here with this maple desk. 


Incredible Walnut Desk in South End with Glass Top

An awesome custom walnut desk base for a lovely home in the South End of Boston near Tremont St. The project went through a local designer who sent us the general design. We made her a CAD to show her client, which was approved, and then they did what all Cannon Hill clients do which is sit back in anticipation of the call that their piece is ready for delivery. The glass top for this walnut desk was sourced by Cannon Hill. We work with a vendor that cuts custom glass and has lots of options for the finish and cut of the glass. It's important to go at least a 1/2" thick with the glass.

Live Edge Elm Desk with Metal Legs

This is a new classic. This is the future and the present of desks. This is work from home. This is what people want in their homes now. Gone are the giant clunker desks with cabinets and shelves up the wazoo. Gone are the popularity of veneers and cheap materials, of modularity and over-building, gimmicky mass-produced crap. This is what people want to be productive- they want something clean and inspiring, they want something natural and solid, they want something beautiful and modern. They want a laptop, and small plant and a notepad and they want to get to work. This is what's up.

Claro Walnut Slab Desk with Cabriole Legs in Brookline

This Claro Walnut desk with black handmade cabriole legs in Brookline is a really great example of the unique fusion of design elements in which Cannon Hill Woodworking specializes. This is the future of instant classics in desk designs, and we make them better than anyone. Hand flattened, hand sanded, live edge slab top with hand carved cabriole legs and two pen drawers. The design came together after a lengthy sourcing process to hand pick the best materials for an exquisite color palette.