Walnut L Desk for Basement Office

We started with several potential designs for this L shaped walnut desk. It is 6 feet by 8 feet. 24" deep on one side and 36" deep at the other side. We went back and forth with the client, and he taped it all out on his floor. His family had moved into a new home and this alcove section of the basement was going to become his home office. Right down to the end we were tweaking the dimensions of the desk. When we put it in place, it was a perfect fit, and has the exact dimensions that the client decided would work best for his work flow.

Walnut Desk with Media Cabinet and Chair Set in Back Bay

This live edge walnut desk and chair set is about as custom as it gets. The clients met us in our Seaport showroom with an idea- a dream let's call it- and a number of dimension and functional requirements on a hand-drawn sketch. They wanted it to fit a specific wall in their Beacon Hill home. It needed to leave room for the door to the roof deck to swing open, notch over the baseboard, have air vents for the electronics, have the chairs tuck all the way in, have pen drawers, and sliding drawers for coffee and plates, but still have room for knees. 

Walnut desk top with faux live edge

In this case, the client already had a red filing cabinet that they really wanted to incorporate into a desk for their home office. They came to Cannon Hill looking for help in designing and building the rest of the desk. Live edge slabs can be expensive, so we determined that adding a live-edge piece to three 7-inch wide walnut boards would be a cost effective way to achieve our clients' aesthetic preference. In photos and in person, you can hardly tell the difference. We added thin metal hairpin legs, so as not to detract from the bold color of the red cabinet.