Solid Walnut Hall Tree Bench in Westwood

This was designed by the client. We contributed the design for the moulding, which was handmade, and converted her hand drawing to a CAD, and off we go! She originally thought that she wanted oak with a brown stain, but once she came to the showroom she fell for walnut. Here at Cannon Hill Woodworking specialize in dining tables, but now and then we make a unique cabinet or side table for a client that wants something they can't find elsewhere. The client loves her new piece, and we hope it sparks joy every time she enters her home. 

Morado/Bolivian Rosewood Desk with Cabinet and Shelves in Boston

It was quite difficult to source the Bolivian Rosewood (aka Morado) for this project because you can usually only find smaller or thinner pieces. We ended up finding a distributor in Maryland with just barely enough material to make the project work! The design was a collaboration between Cannon Hill and the client, who wanted a better work from home set up as Covid has him working from home.

The desk is completely custom made by hand, with every detail off the build planned beforehand. The drawer boxes are solid maple, with dovetail joints. It has an oil finish. 

Maple L shaped Desk with Custom Cabinets in Belmont

Custom built L shaped maple desk for a client in Belmont. It may look clean and simple (and it's supposed to!) but a desk like this oil the product of over 75 emails, and measuring, and re-measuring and discussing every option for support and design in through detail. We're a full service design and build company, and that's exactly what we did here with this maple desk. 


Walnut Cabinet with Live Edge top and Wenge Drawers in Beacon Hill

This walnut cabinet and end table was designed by a repeat client and built by Cannon Hill's Sam O'Leary. It has a live edge walnut top, locally grown and sourced, and wedge drawer fronts which are quite the opposite. Wenge is from Africa and it is extremely dense. Like working with stone! This set came out incredible. Very carefully designed for function and aesthetic, and executed with great attention to detail and skill.

Walnut Dining Room Cabinet Oceanside

This four drawer walnut dining cabinet was designed by the client and built by Cannon Hill Woodworking from milled walnut lumber. She sent us a great, simple hand drawing with specs, and we were able to convert that to a computer spec rendering from which we sourced walnut material and began to build. This is a one of a kind custom walnut furniture piece that now lives alongside a walnut dining room table that we made about a year ago. This walnut table looks great in this new construction home overlooking the ocean on the North Shore.

Poolside Teak Storage Bench

Custom built teak storage bench built for a new construction home with a beautiful oceanside pool and pool house. This bench is made from real European teak which is approximately two to three times the cost of some of the teak alternatives. Teak has a natural waxy nature, which repels moisture, and makes it a great option for outdoor furniture. This teak bench has a mesh bottom for storing wet towels while giving them air room to breath. There is also a bottom steel shelf for towels.

Iroko Storage Bench for Pool Area

This piece was built to go in a transitional area between the pool and the house, so it will hold wet towels and bathing suits, and has a storage shelf for dry towels or slippers and sandals beneath. We chose to build from iron because of the natural water repellent properties of the wood and the beautiful grain and color. Iroko is commonly used in furniture as a teak alternative, as it's less expensive. Iroko is tricky to work with. The boards are very hard and sometimes hold so much tension that when you cut or rip them, they move slightly.

Walnut Kitchen Prep Station and Storage Table

This walnut kitchen prep station was built after a collaborative design process that involved the client's measuring the height of their appliances. They have limited kitchen space, and for some of their heavy use items, they haven't had a great storage solution in their upper or lower cabinets. In addition they needed more prep space. When they first came to me they had a list of appliances to fit, they hoped for drawers, an 1.5" thick top, and a finish height of 36".

Whitewashed Cabinet with Concrete Top and Floating Shelves

We'd previously made this client a reclaimed oak table and bench set that they love. They've been settling into their new condo and had left one section of wall bare where they wanted to do a wine cabinet with a concrete top. They couldn't find what they wanted online because it needed to be an exact size, and also furniture you buy online is just the worst. They reached out to us with ideas for a design and the general dimensions, and we did a spec drawing for them to make it all exact.

Walnut Coffee Table with Lift Hardware in Seaport Loft

The client came to us with her own design for a coffee table. She wanted to utilize lift hardware for when her husband wants to eat at the couch, to bring the food closer in (she didn't tell us if spilling has been an issue, but we assumed!). The design is really nice. One side has a waterfall edge and the other a black steel leg. There is 4" of storage on the inside. The entire piece is made of solid walnut, with no screws or nails, and has a lacquer spray finish for stain protection because it is a dining surface.