Iroko Storage Bench for Pool Area

This piece was built to go in a transitional area between the pool and the house, so it will hold wet towels and bathing suits, and has a storage shelf for dry towels or slippers and sandals beneath. We chose to build from iron because of the natural water repellent properties of the wood and the beautiful grain and color. Iroko is commonly used in furniture as a teak alternative, as it's less expensive. Iroko is tricky to work with. The boards are very hard and sometimes hold so much tension that when you cut or rip them, they move slightly.

Walnut Kitchen Prep Station and Storage Table

This walnut kitchen prep station was built after a collaborative design process that involved the client's measuring the height of their appliances. They have limited kitchen space, and for some of their heavy use items, they haven't had a great storage solution in their upper or lower cabinets. In addition they needed more prep space. When they first came to me they had a list of appliances to fit, they hoped for drawers, an 1.5" thick top, and a finish height of 36".

Whitewashed Cabinet with Concrete Top and Floating Shelves

We'd previously made this client a reclaimed oak table and bench set that they love. They've been settling into their new condo and had left one section of wall bare where they wanted to do a wine cabinet with a concrete top. They couldn't find what they wanted online because it needed to be an exact size, and also furniture you buy online is just the worst. They reached out to us with ideas for a design and the general dimensions, and we did a spec drawing for them to make it all exact.

Walnut Coffee Table with Lift Hardware in Seaport Loft

The client came to us with her own design for a coffee table. She wanted to utilize lift hardware for when her husband wants to eat at the couch, to bring the food closer in (she didn't tell us if spilling has been an issue, but we assumed!). The design is really nice. One side has a waterfall edge and the other a black steel leg. There is 4" of storage on the inside. The entire piece is made of solid walnut, with no screws or nails, and has a lacquer spray finish for stain protection because it is a dining surface.

Rustic Hickory Hutch

This hutch is made from rustic hickory, which is a hickory that is particularly knotty, and is very popular for wall paneling and bar/counter siding and cladding. The client reached out to us with photographs of a hutch that belonged to an old roommate. Her roommate has moved, and taken the hutch with her. She longed for another hutch to replace it. A tale as old as time. To her credit, she made this as easy for us as possible. She sent us power point (there are some images below) with all the dimensions we would need. 

Reclaimed Oak Hope Chest

This reclaimed oak custom furniture piece was built as a wedding gift. It's a solid wood piece. The reclaimed oak is at least 150 years old and was sourced from Western Massachusetts. The hope chest is 3 feet by 2 feet and 20" tall. It was heavy duty hinges, and piston hinges, to allow for gentle and smooth opening and closing. It has an oil finish. Reclaimed oak is a great building material for any furniture piece because of its durability. This reclaimed oak chest will last for hundreds of years. That is a guarantee.

Walnut Dining Hutch and Table Set in Jamaica Plain

This walnut dining hutch was fun project to work on because it was months and months in the making and the client really cared about every detail of the work. When the clients first reached out they were dreaming of a hutch and table set in solid walnut to complement the dark floors, trim, and penciling of their classic carriage house in Jamaica Plain. Walnut furniture is a great choice because it goes well in all kinds of spaces

Walnut Desk with Media Cabinet and Chair Set in Back Bay

This live edge walnut desk and chair set is about as custom as it gets. The clients met us in our Seaport showroom with an idea- a dream let's call it- and a number of dimension and functional requirements on a hand-drawn sketch. They wanted it to fit a specific wall in their Beacon Hill home. It needed to leave room for the door to the roof deck to swing open, notch over the baseboard, have air vents for the electronics, have the chairs tuck all the way in, have pen drawers, and sliding drawers for coffee and plates, but still have room for knees. 

Reclaimed Wood Bed and Nightstand Set in the Seaport

This king bed and matching nightstand set in the Seaport began as rough, dirty, nail-ridden barn siding and went through a multi-step cleaning process in our shop to remove debris and old paint. It was then hand-sanded with high grit sandpaper to soften and smooth out the ridges and corners, without removing the grey aged color of the wood. It was then white-washed with oil and protected with a water-based sealer.