Rustic Hickory Hutch

This hutch is made from rustic hickory, which is a hickory that is particularly knotty, and is very popular for wall paneling and bar/counter siding and cladding. The client reached out to us with photographs of a hutch that belonged to an old roommate. Her roommate has moved, and taken the hutch with her. She longed for another hutch to replace it. A tale as old as time. To her credit, she made this as easy for us as possible. She sent us power point (there are some images below) with all the dimensions we would need. 

Walnut Dining Hutch and Table Set in Jamaica Plain

This walnut dining hutch was fun project to work on because it was months and months in the making and the client really cared about every detail of the work. When the clients first reached out they were dreaming of a hutch and table set in solid walnut to complement the dark floors, trim, and penciling of their classic carriage house in Jamaica Plain. Walnut furniture is a great choice because it goes well in all kinds of spaces

Walnut Desk with Media Cabinet and Chair Set in Back Bay

This live edge walnut desk and chair set is about as custom as it gets. The clients met us in our Seaport showroom with an idea- a dream let's call it- and a number of dimension and functional requirements on a hand-drawn sketch. They wanted it to fit a specific wall in their Beacon Hill home. It needed to leave room for the door to the roof deck to swing open, notch over the baseboard, have air vents for the electronics, have the chairs tuck all the way in, have pen drawers, and sliding drawers for coffee and plates, but still have room for knees.