Paired Walnut Live-edge Table and Bench

We really love this table because it does something that all woodworkers appreciate: it uses material efficiently. Our clients for this project were a young couple who had just moved to  Boston’s North End, and they wanted a show stopping dining table that could serve as a center for hosting friends and family. When they saw the inventory of walnut slabs from our friends out at Berkshire Products they fell in love with the one you see in this tabletop. There was just one problem: it was too big to make any sense in their home.

Custom Ash Craft Table and benches

While the bulk of our work is statement-level dining or coffee tables, we also love to build smaller, more personal pieces like this one. Our client for this table and matching bench set is moving towards retirement, and she came to us hoping for a design that she could use as a craft table. While at first blush high-end custom furniture might not seem like the natural direction to go in a craft room, the more we discussed the project with our client the more sense it made. After a long career of hard work, she wanted a workspace that could offer inspiration as well as utility.

Solid Walnut Hall Tree Bench in Westwood

This was designed by the client. We contributed the design for the moulding, which was handmade, and converted her hand drawing to a CAD, and off we go! She originally thought that she wanted oak with a brown stain, but once she came to the showroom she fell for walnut. Here at Cannon Hill Woodworking specialize in dining tables, but now and then we make a unique cabinet or side table for a client that wants something they can't find elsewhere. The client loves her new piece, and we hope it sparks joy every time she enters her home. 

Poolside Teak Storage Bench

Custom built teak storage bench built for a new construction home with a beautiful oceanside pool and pool house. This bench is made from real European teak which is approximately two to three times the cost of some of the teak alternatives. Teak has a natural waxy nature, which repels moisture, and makes it a great option for outdoor furniture. This teak bench has a mesh bottom for storing wet towels while giving them air room to breath. There is also a bottom steel shelf for towels.

Iroko Storage Bench for Pool Area

This piece was built to go in a transitional area between the pool and the house, so it will hold wet towels and bathing suits, and has a storage shelf for dry towels or slippers and sandals beneath. We chose to build from iron because of the natural water repellent properties of the wood and the beautiful grain and color. Iroko is commonly used in furniture as a teak alternative, as it's less expensive. Iroko is tricky to work with. The boards are very hard and sometimes hold so much tension that when you cut or rip them, they move slightly.

Four Foot Wide Reclaimed Oak Table and Bench

The clients are remodeling their own home in Natick. They've taken on the remodel as a passion project and wanted a table that fit perfectly into their new dining space that could seat two extra people without getting any longer. The solution was to go wider, so that two can comfortably feet on each end of this wide reclaimed oak dining table. 

Reclaimed Oak Table with Alcove Bench and Chairs in Southie

This set is awesome! The client came to us with the idea for her new condo in South Boston. Her alcove is a bit tight for a custom dining table and chair set, so a wrap-around bench was a really efficient way to get the maximum amount of seating in the space. And given that she has two reclaimed oak and metal frame chairs, anyone that doesn't want to slide in can sit at a chair.