Coffee table

Maple Coffee Table in Newly Built Mountain Cabin in North Carolina

The client grew up in the Berkshires and has since moved to North Carolina. This maple slab from Berkshire Products was a rare find, in that it was so wide and also short. The home was built in the mountains of North Carolina, so we shipped the table and apparently the first delivery truck that came to drop it off couldn't even make it up the mountain road. This table is an incredible maple, the grain pops magnificently with a Rubio oil "pure" finish. The bases were custom made as well for this top.

Bastogne Walnut Coffee Table with Criss-Cross Base in Bay Village

Bastogne walnut is a hybrid of the California Claro and English walnut. These trees aren't cultivated, rather they occur naturally in the wild. They are rarely found in general, and very rarely seen on the East Coast. They grow to be very large. We've actually made a pretty magnificent 12' Bastogne walnut table previously to working on this disc cut "cookie" as it's called. The disc cut on this custom coffee table is approximately 31" around. The walnut cut came to us with some abnormality to the shape that we cut out and blended to make a more uniform shape for the coffee table top.

Live Edge Walnut Cocktail Table with Funky Infinity Base in Seaport

The base for this live edge walnut cocktail table was a fun one to build for Cannon Hill's Sam O'Leary. All hand carved. The client came to us with the design for the cocktail table. We happened to have some live edge walnut in the shop and we pulled it all out and sent her photos of the options for how we could construct the top. It is a triple book match, meaning three pieces of lumber together, with two live outside edges. For style, we left the sapwood stripes in the middle. 

Walnut Coffee Table with Lift Hardware in Seaport Loft

The client came to us with her own design for a coffee table. She wanted to utilize lift hardware for when her husband wants to eat at the couch, to bring the food closer in (she didn't tell us if spilling has been an issue, but we assumed!). The design is really nice. One side has a waterfall edge and the other a black steel leg. There is 4" of storage on the inside. The entire piece is made of solid walnut, with no screws or nails, and has a lacquer spray finish for stain protection because it is a dining surface.

Oak Waterfall Coffee Table with Brass Inlays in Needham

This oak waterfall coffee table was a fun build. It started out with a phone call from a designer in Texas working on behalf of a designer in Los Angeles working on behalf of a client in Needham. We sent several color samples over to Los Angeles and we went with a black oil made for going on wood furniture before a lacquer spray.

Walnut Coffee Table with Oval Glass Top

This coffee table was made for a client for her recently purchased home in Wayland. We went to her home to help her take measurements for both a dining table and a coffee table. This is a service we offer because it can be really helpful to have an expert who makes furniture for a living walk you through the general spacing requirements for furniture. Originally it had a different design. Then the client got inspired by a tall standing lamp! So we did several drawing for her that were inspired by the tall standing lamp, and by the trapezoid bases that her dining table were getting.

Maple Live Edge Coffee Table

Pictures in the client's home coming soon!

The client chose this slab on Berkshire Products website and shipped it directly to Cannon Hill Woodworking. We cut it to the desired size, mimicking the pattern on the live edge in our cut so as to blend it all together. We filled the cracks with a clear epoxy and installed a 4 inch brass bowtie, and a 6 inch walnut bowtie by hand. The table has a lacquer finish.

In this case, the client bought hairpin coffee table legs online and shipped them to us. We also make custom metal bases for tables of all kinds.

Walnut Coffee Table Set with Black Steel Base

It's not easy to match an existing piece. We rarely agree to do it without making sure that the client understands that perfect matching is nearly impossible when the materials used are old and the finish is unknown. That being said, we can come very close. So as long as it's understood that there may be very minor differences in the tone of the piece or the sheen of the finish, especially when something that's newly finished is put next to something that was finished a decade ago. 

Walnut round and coffee table set in the North End

This walnut round is in a North End apartment. Even though it is only 32 inches in diameter, it can seat four to a meal if the serving dishes are kept on the kitchen island countertops. Its metal pedestal base was custom-made. The coffee table is 36 x 36 inches and is made of two bookmatched walnut slabs. It also has custom-made metal legs.