Counter top / bar

Maple Live Edge Countertop In Hyde Park

This is a Live-Edge Maple Slab that we cut to size and installed to be the countertop for a great client in Hyde Park, Boston. The grain has incredible figure that pops when oiled. We took great care with this slab to tie it and fill all the crack with a durable pour epoxy. Milled maple can be very uniform and light but live edge big leaf and burly maple slabs are wild!

10 foot Elm Countertop with Sink Cutout in Winchester

Ten foot live edge slab countertop in Winchester. We found the perfect slab for this project through Berkshire Products large inventory of elm slabs. This elm slab was the perfect width to leave it live on both sides. It had one tear out, the only imperfection in the entire thing, that lined up right where we would be doing a cutout for a sink. Basically, it was fated to end up in this kitchen. Elm is a really nice, lower cost option to walnut, and it blends really well in most spaces. Elm slabs tend to have a very consistent and clean grain, and a nice color palette.

Reclaimed Oak Waterfall Wet Bar with Espresso Finish

Ideally you have the length of material to use single lengths of board whenever you're doing a waterfall so that the grain patter can continue over the edge. It's a subtle thing, but when you don't do it, there is something subconsciously off about the piece. This reclaimed oak bart top was a careful build. We went out first to measure and template.

Bar Height Gathering Tables in Concord Country Club

Typically large commercial remodel or new construction projects go mostly with what's known as "commercial grade" furniture and millwork vendors. This means "you get what you get and you don't get upset". This make sense, of course. If you need to buy 40 tables for a large dining room, or 160 chairs, you can't have every piece be fine handmade furniture. Cannon Hill Woodworking is here for that accent piece or two, for that conference table, or private dining space, or welcome area table that you want people to see and go "Wow". 

Live Edge Bar and Table from California Elm Slabs in Waltham Remodel

The client had these elm slabs shipped across the country from California. They were in rough shape when we got our hands on them but we were able to unleash an incredible inner beauty. Cannon Hill Woodworking did the removal of the old bar and installation of the new bar. We went to the clients house three times throughout the process to pick up the slabs, make templates, remove and install the bar and table. The live edge bar top is about 6 feet long and 4 feet at the L. It's almost 2.5" thick. The table is about 2" thick.

36' Wrap-Around Concrete Bar Top

We are a small custom woodworking company, but we do have a lot of experience in concrete countertops and bar tops. Typically, we take on concrete projects on a case by case basis, and during water climate months. This bar top is 36 feet long and 30 inches wide. It was built in six pieces. At the seams we installed black steel per the clients' request. It's going in a new tap room in Harvard, MA. When they're done with the construction, and are open for business, we'll upload finished photographs! We installed the bar top ourselves.

Walnut Kitchen Island Top in Roslindale Remodel

Big, bold and beautiful. This kitchen island top which was handmade and installed by Cannon Hill is in a recently remodeled Roslindale home. It is 80 inches by 63 inches by 1 3/4 inch thick, essentially the size of two dining room tables. Since they'll never be seen, it has steel tubing across the underside within the footprint of the cabinets to act as structural support. We have the ability to work with homeowners and contractors to make a plan for any installation project, and on a case by case basis, we may install it ourselves. It was a perfect fit. 

Reclaimed Oak Kitchen Island with Cast Iron Base in Medford

The cast iron base for this island is customized to say 'Medford, Massachusetts' where this reclaimed oak kitchen island lives. The finish color on this island is chestnut brown with just a hint of deep mahogany red. It's a small piece, 26 x 42 inches, so that it doesn't overwhelm the space. It's still plenty of space for food prep. Matching benches or stools to follow!