Kitchen island

Reclaimed Oak Kitchen Island-Attached Table in Charlestown

This reclaimed oak table is attached directly to the kitchen island in this newly renovated Charlestown condominium. The idea behind the design is that the table can remain shorter, so that it doesn't encroach upon the doorway entry to the condo, but that there is more room for seating. The table is attached to a ledger that sits invisible between the skirts and is fastened sturdily to the island.

Sipo Mantle Surround and Walnut Kitchen Island in Milton

This project came to us from an awesome client who also happens to be an interior design professional remodeling her own kitchen and living room. Here at Cannon Hill Woodworking, some of us come from a professional remodeling background, but remodel is not what we do as a group because we are very much set up as a workshop operation. We make furniture for the most part. That being said, we do build accent pieces and install them. We've done many bar tops and live edge shelves and walnut kitchen island tops for example. 

Quartz Kitchen Island Base with Upholstered Bench on the North Shore

Th design for this reclaimed oak kitchen island base began as a walnut island with an I/X trestle base. We did a computer spec drawing for the clients when they first reached out because they wanted to achieve three specific design and function points: the I/X trestle, the bench had to tuck all the way in (so the bench height had to line up with the thinnest point on the trestle base, and they wanted an extension for stool seats on the ends. All of these points were achievable, but it required some careful planning on our part.

Walnut Kitchen Island Top in Roslindale Remodel

Big, bold and beautiful. This kitchen island top which was handmade and installed by Cannon Hill is in a recently remodeled Roslindale home. It is 80 inches by 63 inches by 1 3/4 inch thick, essentially the size of two dining room tables. Since they'll never be seen, it has steel tubing across the underside within the footprint of the cabinets to act as structural support. We have the ability to work with homeowners and contractors to make a plan for any installation project, and on a case by case basis, we may install it ourselves. It was a perfect fit. 

Reclaimed Oak Kitchen Island with Cast Iron Base in Medford

The cast iron base for this island is customized to say 'Medford, Massachusetts' where this reclaimed oak kitchen island lives. The finish color on this island is chestnut brown with just a hint of deep mahogany red. It's a small piece, 26 x 42 inches, so that it doesn't overwhelm the space. It's still plenty of space for food prep. Matching benches or stools to follow!