Live edge single slab

Live Edge Walnut with Curved Bases and Same Slab Extension in Charlestown

This gorgeous Claro walnut slab features a single-side extension, curved-leg bases, and a lacquer spray finish. As soon as this slab landed in our workshop we knew it would become a stunning piece of furniture. Claro walnut – actually a result of grafting and cross-pollination between eastern European and native American walnut species – grows in the American Northwest, and offers some of the most dramatic figure and coloration of any walnut variety.

Super Thick Walnut Live Edge Table with Live Edge Bases in Cambridge

This is a 3.5" thick walnut, 9' live edge slab table. It took four of us to carry the slab into this Cambridge home overlooking the Charles River. The top is incredible- easily 500 pounds and it has the walnut figure that you dream of when you pick al I've edge slab. Its truly a one of a kind piece. The bases are 2.5" thick live edge walnut. The entire table has an oil finish. It's rock solid. You could jump up and down on it and even though it's massive, it has a very finished and sleek appearance. Probably the heaviest table we've ever made!


Big Leaf Maple with White Tripod Base in NYC Penthouse

This is an incredible single big leaf maple slab that has been cut into a rectangle with beveled sides and has a really gorgeous same slab extension. The table has a custom tripod pedestal trestle base with a white powder coat, and a lacquer spray finish. The table now lives in an incredible NYC apartment overlooking the Hudson River.

Maple Live Edge Countertop In Hyde Park

This is a Live-Edge Maple Slab that we cut to size and installed to be the countertop for a great client in Hyde Park, Boston. The grain has incredible figure that pops when oiled. We took great care with this slab to tie it and fill all the crack with a durable pour epoxy. Milled maple can be very uniform and light but live edge big leaf and burly maple slabs are wild!

Live Edge Walnut Table with Brass Inlays and Hammered Base

This live edge walnut table slab came from Berkshire Products. It required some shaping on our end to make it more functional as it had a pretty large scoop in it. The brass bowtie inlays were powder coated to match the steel hammered base. It has an oil finish and now lives in Weston Massachusetts.

10 foot Elm Countertop with Sink Cutout in Winchester

Ten foot live edge slab countertop in Winchester. We found the perfect slab for this project through Berkshire Products large inventory of elm slabs. This elm slab was the perfect width to leave it live on both sides. It had one tear out, the only imperfection in the entire thing, that lined up right where we would be doing a cutout for a sink. Basically, it was fated to end up in this kitchen. Elm is a really nice, lower cost option to walnut, and it blends really well in most spaces. Elm slabs tend to have a very consistent and clean grain, and a nice color palette.

Amazing Walnut Slab with Custom Trestle Base in Needham

The clients for this live edge walnut table had recently purchased a new home in Needham with a really interesting landscaping and a lot of trees all around the house. They have this really great sun room off of their kitchen that they are remodeling into a nice dining space, but they couldn't wait to have a new live edge walnut table that they could really enjoy using. They came to us, as many of our clients do, with an idea for a live edge table, and a few favorite base designs. We helped them search for and select a really gorgeous 8 foot live edge walnut slab.

Live Edge Elm Table with Dark Stain Finish in Concord

Elm is gorgeous. This elm slab is even more beautiful in person than it is in photos. Note, this is not the natural color of elm. Elm is a much lighter brown, and there are typically some vert subtle burnt orange undertones throughout. The slabs are clean, and the grain is really captivating without being over the top. The look of an elm slab will never get old. In this case, the client wanted a large live edge table, and they wanted to a specific dark color, but walnut was not quite the right color, and also walnut slabs are quire expensive.