Live edge

Live Edge Maple Slab Table with Trapezoid Metal Legs

The client came to our showroom and together we chose this Maple slab from Berkshire Products website. It was discounted nearly $800 from similar slabs due to some large splitting and checking and some bark inclusions and tear outs. We blended the live edge of the slab on one side to make it a more natural "rectangular" table shape. We installed six bowties to the underside of the slab to hold the large splits from ever moving again. We filled all the cracks and holes with a clear epoxy. The table has a lacquer spray finish for stain protection.

Triple-Bookmatch Walnut Live Edge Table with Wooden Base

This awesome custom built live edge walnut table is made of walnut slabs. This is called a triple book match- whereby three thinner slabs are put together to make a table top. A book match allows for us to more easily manipulate the width of the table top. This live edge table is 7 feet long by around 42" wide. It has a lacquer finish with a high degree of stain resistance. The solid walnut legs are inverse trapezoids, and are built without any nails or screws. The legs are bolted into threaded inserts which are installed in the underside of the walnut table top to ensure rigidity.

Maple Live Edge Coffee Table

Pictures in the client's home coming soon!

The client chose this slab on Berkshire Products website and shipped it directly to Cannon Hill Woodworking. We cut it to the desired size, mimicking the pattern on the live edge in our cut so as to blend it all together. We filled the cracks with a clear epoxy and installed a 4 inch brass bowtie, and a 6 inch walnut bowtie by hand. The table has a lacquer finish.

In this case, the client bought hairpin coffee table legs online and shipped them to us. We also make custom metal bases for tables of all kinds.

Walnut Desk with Media Cabinet and Chair Set in Back Bay

This live edge walnut desk and chair set is about as custom as it gets. The clients met us in our Seaport showroom with an idea- a dream let's call it- and a number of dimension and functional requirements on a hand-drawn sketch. They wanted it to fit a specific wall in their Beacon Hill home. It needed to leave room for the door to the roof deck to swing open, notch over the baseboard, have air vents for the electronics, have the chairs tuck all the way in, have pen drawers, and sliding drawers for coffee and plates, but still have room for knees. 

Walnut Live Edge Table with Stainless Steel Base in the South End

The clients came to us looking for a live edge walnut dining table. We did an exhaustive search for slabs that would meet their requirements and be as beautiful as possible and we came across these gorgeous slabs at the 11th hour. It can be hard at times to find a live edge slab in the exact species that you want, in the exact size that you want.

Live Edge Maple Table with Same-Slab Extender and Wishbone Base

Check out this incredible live edge maple table! This gorgeous maple slab came to us from Berkshire Products. After an extensive search, the client chose it herself, and she clearly made an awesome decision. She probably looked at over thirty possible slabs before making this decision. We help in that process. We have a trained and experienced eye so we're able to give meaningful advice during the process. Since the client is buying the slab directly from the distributor in some cases like these with more expensive slabs, we have no incentive to direct the cost up or down.

Maple Live Edge Table with Barn Star Inlays

This seven foot long maple table has ended up near Mt. Sunapee in New Hampshire so we gave it some local flavor with four handmade walnut barn star inlays that will act as ties to get the splitting or checking of the slab from increasing over time. We also provided the client with a four foot long walnut coffee table. Both projects are live edge slabs.