Contemporary Table in Milled Walnut

Clients and potential clients sometimes ask us if it would be helpful to have a set of inspiration images, examples of furniture they’ve seen before and really like. Our answer is a resounding yes. Whether you use inspiration images just as a way to set a design tone or as a library of details you definitely want to see in your final piece, they’re always useful to our process of designing custom furniture.

Stylish Reclaimed Oak Dining Table

One of our specialties here at Cannon Hill is a popular style of furniture built from what’s known as “reclaimed” lumber. “Reclaimed” material is lumber that has previously been used, typically in the framing of buildings, which has been salvaged during the demolition or renovation of a building. While the demolition process is underway builders will set aside the old posts, beams, joists, and studs for re-use, saving the perfectly usable wood for an entirely new purpose.

Modern Angular Dining Table in White Oak

One of our strengths here at Cannon Hill is our ability to work in a wide range of styles. We build trestle tables that have their roots in centuries-old traditions of furniture making and design, modern-rustic live edge tables, and we ultra-modern designs with steel bases. Because we’re conversant in all these different design mindsets, we can take elements from each and integrate them into new pieces that fit needs and tastes of each individual client.

Custom Split Dining Table In Walnut

One of the real joys of making custom furniture by hand is that we get to work in a huge range of design styes. Unlike other shops, we don’t work from a catalogue or a menu, so we get the chance to build all sorts of pieces. It all depends on our clients’ taste and the aesthetics of their space. In the design phase, we serve a client’s vision; we will never allow lesser furniture out our door, so we don’t permit nonfunctional design — beyond, that, though, we follow your lead.

Angular South End Walnut Dining Table

We built this custom dining table to have simple, straightforward styling with a contemporary twist. Because the top-quality materials we use are so effective at bringing the natural beauty of wood into our clients’ homes, modern silhouettes and details can sit right alongside traditional spaces without breaking the overall aesthetic. In fact, one of the great things about working here in Boston is seeing how people smoothly integrate new design ideas into homes that have stood here in the city for a hundred years and more.

Custom-designed Milled Walnut Table with Black Inlay

When we say that we’re a custom furniture maker we really mean custom, and it’s fun to get to show it off. Our clients came to us with a strong visual concept, and we worked with them to develop and hone it until that concept turned into a piece of furniture. We intend for our clients to be able to look at our work every day for the rest of their lives and see in their home exactly what they saw in their mind’s eye, so we take care to nail the design on the front end.

Custom Oak Dining Table with Original Base

This white oak dining table is a piece we like to point to when clients wonder what we mean when we talk about custom furniture. It is a true Cannon Hill original. Everything we make is a one-off, handmade right here in our Roxbury workshop to a fresh set of specifications each time. Some furniture shops offer “customization” of a table’s length and width, but that’s about the extent of it. Not so at Cannon Hill.

Modern Oak Dining Table with Cast-iron Wishbone Legs

We love this custom live edge table here at Cannon Hill because it demonstrates a handful of features that we really love, and a few of the ways that our processes produce furniture that nails what our clients are looking for. It’s also great because it serves as a sort of instantiation of the flexibility and freedom that we value so much. The finish tint is custom, the bases have a custom finish, and the table top is the product of some Cannon Hill problem solving.

Custom Walnut Dining Table with Curving Base

This table is a fantastic example of how Cannon Hill’s capacity for designing and building totally custom furniture allows us and our clients freedom. The clients had seen our work online, really liked some of the silhouettes they saw, but had their own ideas about how to bring them more in line with the aesthetic of their own home. That’s the sort if thing we love to hear. At some furniture shops you might be able to “customize” the length, width, or finish of a table, but that’s about it. Not so at Cannon Hill.