Table extenders

Walnut Extendable Round Table with Incredible Tapered Base

This extendable walnut table was the product of a lot of collaboration between the clients and Cannon Hill Woodworking. First we met in the showroom and began to hone in on a design. The clients were deciding between a pill, an oval, and a round table to start with, and the base type and placement of the base as it related to seating was very important. After many emails, the clients came to our workshop to finalize everything.

Live-Edge Dining Table in the South End with Same-Slab Extension

The client was looking to upgrade his dining room table in his South End home. He was hoping for an 8' live edge walnut table that could extend to be 10'. This table seats 10 people, and 12 with the extension. At Cannon Hill Woodworking we work closely with the team at Berkshire Products to select the nicest slabs for our clients. In this case, we provided our client with an array of options at various price points, and then he personally made the trip to Sheffield, MA to select the slab. It was shipped to us the following week. 


Black Walnut Dining Set with Double-I Base and Chairs

The size of this black walnut table, the design of the base, and the size of the extender were very important in this instance because the table was going in the kitchen, in a corner which already had a built in bench. There was only 60" until the doorway, but the clients wanted to be able to seat 8 at the table when they hosted. So we made them a 24" table extension, which only we can do because of our proprietary locking extension hardware that is super strong at virtually any length of extension. 

Quartz Kitchen Island Base with Upholstered Bench

Th design for this reclaimed oak kitchen island base began as a walnut island with an I/X trestle base. We did a computer spec drawing for the clients when they first reached out because they wanted to achieve three specific design and function points: the I/X trestle, the bench had to tuck all the way in (so the bench height had to line up with the thinnest point on the trestle base, and they wanted an extension for stool seats on the ends. All of these points were achievable, but it required some careful planning on our part.

Gorgeous Walnut Table with Same-Slab Extension in Back Bay

This table is absolutely stunning. We did everything we could to make it exactly how the clients wanted it, but there's nothing we can do to make the grain so incredible. That's all Mother Nature- that's walnut. This is a single slab!! It's an incredible slab. We were out in Rhode Island many months back buying smaller slabs for a large order of book matched tables and I spotted this slab. I posted in on the Instagram looking for someone who would want a table. When these clients reached out to me, they had several designs in mind.

Walnut Dining Table with Trapezoid Metal Base and Extenders

This walnut dining table is five feet long to comfortably seat six diners and it extends to seven feet long to seat eight. We moved the legs of the base further towards the ends of the table to accommodate two chairs being tucked in. A note about chairs; they come in a variety of widths from 15" to 22" wide, with the most common being 17-19" wide. When we make chairs they are typically 17.5" wide. What the client did here was very wise- she chose an open base shape, a trapezoid. This allows her to cheat the legs of the table towards the ends to fit two chairs in.

Mahogany Table with Pedestal Bases

This mahogany table was so incredibly enjoyable to make. It's one of our favorite woods because it's so elegant and regal and yet it has more durability than most other wood types and is even suitable for outdoor use. There are several types of mahogany that can be sourced in New England- though none of the trees are from here. There is Honduran mahogany, and then there is Sipo Mahogany and African Mahogany or Sapele.

Large Reclaimed Oak Table with Pedestal Base and Dark Finish

This is a nine foot reclaimed oak table that extends to be an 11 foot long table. It can seat twelve comfortably and could probably squeeze fourteen. It now lives in a beautiful open concept living and dining space in Chestnut Hill, Brookline. As you can see, the floors are also reclaimed oak and have an oil finish. The clients knew they wanted a brown color so that the table would stand out from the floors. We provided them with about 8 color samples to hold in their space and look at in the different lighting of their home at different times of day.