Trestle base

Glass Table with Custom Extending Walnut Base

This was a really fun collaboration with the client, who had an idea for a glass table top and a walnut base that would extend. They knew what they wanted, and they tried to come up with a system for the extensions, for which we give them a lot of credit! Ultimately we used a hybrid of our patented table extension system to come up with an easy to use, fully removable system that is ROCK SOLID for a heavy glass top, and most importantly, out looks really nice and blends perfectly with the original design. 

Amazing Walnut Slab with Custom Trestle Base in Needham

The clients for this live edge walnut table had recently purchased a new home in Needham with a really interesting landscaping and a lot of trees all around the house. They have this really great sun room off of their kitchen that they are remodeling into a nice dining space, but they couldn't wait to have a new live edge walnut table that they could really enjoy using. They came to us, as many of our clients do, with an idea for a live edge table, and a few favorite base designs. We helped them search for and select a really gorgeous 8 foot live edge walnut slab.

Massive Reclaimed Oak Table with Painted Base and Matching Bench

Big is beautiful! At Cannon Hill Woodworking we have some big tables under our belt. Building big our of reclaimed oak is an art in an of itself. You need to have the strength and stamina to mill all of this lumber that is dirty, nail ridden, and twisted. Each board in this top weighs around 100 pounds so it takes more manpower to do every step of the process. But at the end, the client is still expecting his quality craftsmanship, joinery, and finish. So just because it's big doesn't mean you can cut any corners in the build and finish process.

Reclaimed Oak Table With Trestle Base in Pittsburgh

This reclaimed oak table was delivered to the client the day of their move to Pittsburgh (yes we timed it that way). We built the base so that it could come apart in the pieces and be easier to load into the truck. The top is a 10' reclaimed oak top, with a Rubio oil "pure" finish. The top has 3" breadboard ends on each side, which are done in a responsible way so that they allow for the expansion and contraction of the wood throughout the year, and doesn't restrict it in any way, which caused warping over time. 

White Oak Table with Trestle Base in Medfield

The client was moving from San Francisco to Boston, having bought a home in Medfield, so they ended up starting the project with us from across the country and we timed it so that they could come to the showroom and select a finish as the table was nearing completion. They ended up choosing our Rubio oil finish, in the "pure" color which is clear essentially, but transforms oak, giving it a bit more flavor and warmth. 

Walnut Extendable Round Table with Incredible Tapered Base

This extendable walnut table was the product of a lot of collaboration between the clients and Cannon Hill Woodworking. First we met in the showroom and began to hone in on a design. The clients were deciding between a pill, an oval, and a round table to start with, and the base type and placement of the base as it related to seating was very important. After many emails, the clients came to our workshop to finalize everything.

Walnut Table with I/X Trestle Base and Extenders

This is a seven foot black walnut table with an I/X trestle base. It has two 18 inch table extenders so that it's total length comes to ten feet long. With the extenders, this walnut table can easily seat 12 people so it's great for hosting and the holidays. The extenders on this walnut table are fully removable so that there is no bulky rail system permanently affixed to the table. This walnut table looks great in its new home, an open concept kitchen, dining, and living space with plenty of sunlight. 

Walnut Dining Hutch and Table Set in Jamaica Plain

This walnut dining hutch was fun project to work on because it was months and months in the making and the client really cared about every detail of the work. When the clients first reached out they were dreaming of a hutch and table set in solid walnut to complement the dark floors, trim, and penciling of their classic carriage house in Jamaica Plain. Walnut furniture is a great choice because it goes well in all kinds of spaces

Outdoor Reclaimed Oak Farmhouse Table and Bench Set at Berkshire Home

This outdoor reclaimed oak table and bench set is made from barn board that is over 150 years old. The wood is no stranger to outdoor use as it has been exposed to the elements for a long time. Nevertheless, when we mill it for a tabletop we expose fresh wood which leaves the wood susceptible to warping. We learned a valuable lesson with this table- that some of the reclaimed wood we buy needs extra kiln time before being used. This table top warped on us. So we cut it up, kiln dried it further, and re built it with the spaces between the boards. Lesson learned.

Invisible Extender System on a Reclaimed Oak Trestle Table

Now you see it, now you don't! We have a fully removable, easy to install, super strong, rail system that allows our clients to add table extenders to trestle tables or tables with metal legs. The sky is the limit with this system because it doesn't involve the wooden rail system that you see often, which is permanently fixed to the table, gets stuck in the skirt, and sags. We can even use this system to add an extender to a live edge top, where the extension board itself would be the continuation of that same slab.