Trestle base

Gorgeous Walnut Table Top with I/X Trestle

What incredible figure in the grain of these walnut boards! At Cannon Hill we hand select every single board for every single table. Not only does that create less waste, it ensures you get a carefully selected and beautiful table! Other table makers, when they get to the level of production that we are, begin to order their wood from the mid-west to save money. They pick irresponsibly, farm-factory walnut trees that don't have the kind of incredible character you see on Cannon HIll's tables. Sure we could save a few dollars, and many hours each month but what's the fun in that!?

Walnut Extendable Round Table with Incredible Tapered Base

This extendable walnut table was the product of a lot of collaboration between the clients and Cannon Hill Woodworking. First we met in the showroom and began to hone in on a design. The clients were deciding between a pill, an oval, and a round table to start with, and the base type and placement of the base as it related to seating was very important. After many emails, the clients came to our workshop to finalize everything.

Walnut Table with I/X Trestle Base and Extenders

This is a seven foot black walnut table with an I/X trestle base. It has two 18 inch table extenders so that it's total length comes to ten feet long. With the extenders, this walnut table can easily seat 12 people so it's great for hosting and the holidays. The extenders on this walnut table are fully removable so that there is no bulky rail system permanently affixed to the table. This walnut table looks great in its new home, an open concept kitchen, dining, and living space with plenty of sunlight. 

Invisible Extender System on a Reclaimed Oak Trestle Table

Now you see it, now you don't! We have a fully removable, easy to install, super strong, rail system that allows our clients to add table extenders to trestle tables or tables with metal legs. The sky is the limit with this system because it doesn't involve the wooden rail system that you see often, which is permanently fixed to the table, gets stuck in the skirt, and sags. We can even use this system to add an extender to a live edge top, where the extension board itself would be the continuation of that same slab. 

Reclaimed pine table in North End home

This was a first for us! The wood for this pine table came straight from the floors of this recently remodeled and historic home in Boston’s North End. When the client had the demolition done on the interior space, opening up floors and ceilings to move staircases, they had the foresight to set aside some beautiful old pine boards for a table top.

Reclaimed Oak Table with I/X Trestle

This reclaimed oak table has a robust trestle base that allows for more comfortable seating at its corners. Every board on this reclaimed oak table is unique. The individual traits of a reclaimed board are completely hidden before the top layer is scraped away on our planer. These traits include variance in tan, brown and red tones, as well as saw marks, nail holes, knots, and splits in the wood grain. As we plane the board down, some of the variance in color evens out, and the finished product is smoother.