Special Features

Stunning Walnut Table Bases in Brookline

The walnut table bases were made with hundreds of individual handmade piece of walnut. A project like this requires careful planning on the computer before it can be executed on the shop floor. These bases came out incredible with an oil finish. We love to build unique and creative things, and so we encourage our clients to dream big.


If you're interested in a custom piece, send us an email at info@cannonhillwood.com or give us a call at 857-576-2089.

Live Edge Walnut Table with Brass Inlays and Hammered Base

This live edge walnut table slab came from Berkshire Products. It required some shaping on our end to make it more functional as it had a pretty large scoop in it. The brass bowtie inlays were powder coated to match the steel hammered base. It has an oil finish and now lives in Weston Massachusetts.

Unique Corner Legs and Steeply Beveled Skirt in South Dartmouth

This gorgeous white-washed oak table was unique and challenging build due to its sleek legs and uniquely beveled skirt. Were this table made from cheap "engineered wood" at one of those supposed "high end" furniture stores, then the construction would not be as difficult because fake, I mean "engineered" wood, doesn't move the way real wood does as it acclimates year round to the changes in seasons and ambient humidity. In a nutshell, the top wants to expand and contract along the width of the boards and may see upwards of a 3/16 inch fluctuation.

Sipo Mantle Surround and Walnut Kitchen Island in Milton

This project came to us from an awesome client who also happens to be an interior design professional remodeling her own kitchen and living room. Here at Cannon Hill Woodworking, some of us come from a professional remodeling background, but remodel is not what we do as a group because we are very much set up as a workshop operation. We make furniture for the most part. That being said, we do build accent pieces and install them. We've done many bar tops and live edge shelves and walnut kitchen island tops for example. 

Walnut Extendable Round Table with Incredible Tapered Base

This extendable walnut table was the product of a lot of collaboration between the clients and Cannon Hill Woodworking. First we met in the showroom and began to hone in on a design. The clients were deciding between a pill, an oval, and a round table to start with, and the base type and placement of the base as it related to seating was very important. After many emails, the clients came to our workshop to finalize everything.

Oak Waterfall Coffee Table with Brass Inlays in Needham

This oak waterfall coffee table was a fun build. It started out with a phone call from a designer in Texas working on behalf of a designer in Los Angeles working on behalf of a client in Needham. We sent several color samples over to Los Angeles and we went with a black oil made for going on wood furniture before a lacquer spray.

Twelve Foot Reclaimed Oak Table with Brass Inlay for Southborough FD

This twelve foot reclaimed oak table started with seven firefighters in the Cannon Hill showroom. 12 feet of reclaimed oak is of course a very large and heavy table, and we had to make the top as flat as possible so that the sign shop that did the CNC inlanders would have a level surface to carve into. We nailed it. The brass inlay came out awesome. We built really sturdy 4.5" square A-frame reclaimed oak legs. Because we install threaded inserts and bolts into our table legs, the table is incredibly sturdy and the legs didn't require any extra bracing or a cross piece.