Live edge book-match

Book-matched Walnut Slabs with Wishbone Base in Newton

This approximately 50" wide by 8 foot long walnut book match is two sister slabs that were shipped to us from our distrubutor after a collaborative section process with the client. When the slabs arrived in house, we took photos and marked the slabs with blue tape to ensure that the clients knew exactly where we planned to cut. Walnut bookmatched tables have a unique aesthetic and appeal, as they achieve this mirrored look that is really nice.

White Oak Live Edge Conference Table Top in Gloucester

A designer with whom we have completed many successful projects told us they wanted a new conference table top for their office on the North Shore. They had an old hospital gurney base that they wanted to use, but they wanted to remove the existing top and make a live edge oak top. We sourced to fourteen foot long slabs from Western MA, cut them each in half, kiln dried them in our shop's kiln, and then created this quadruple book match table top.

Live Edge Walnut Table from Tree in Client's Backyard in Chestnut Hill

This live edge walnut table started as a tree in the client's backyard in the Lars Anderson Park section of Chestnut Hill. The wood spent two years air drying at the mill. Typically fresh cut wood needs to air dry for one year per inch of thickness. When we were called, the walnut wood was stacked in their garage and we went to take a look and test the moisture content of the wood and allocate the material for the table top. The wood was in great shape.

Live Edge Walnut Cocktail Table with Funky Infinity Base

The base for this live edge walnut cocktail table was a fun one to build for Cannon Hill's Sam O'Leary. All hand carved. The client came to us with the design for the cocktail table. We happened to have some live edge walnut in the shop and we pulled it all out and sent her photos of the options for how we could construct the top. It is a triple book match, meaning three pieces of lumber together, with two live outside edges. For style, we left the sapwood stripes in the middle. 

Live Edge Cherry Slab Headboard

The client was "updating" bedrooms in their homes that had belonged to grown children who are now living on their own. The client has several cherry furniture items in their home, and likes the fact that cherry tends to darken with time (whereas most woods lighten). This live edge cherry headboard is made from two magnificent cherry slabs and has a food-safe chemical free oil finish. The slabs were flattened and book-matched.

Live Edge Walnut Table with Trapezoid Metal Base

This live edge walnut table is a "book match" meaning it's made from putting together sister slabs from the same tree. Sister slabs are slabs that come from the same section of the tree. The table is 66" long by 32" wide. It fits the space well. The client came to our showroom looking to put together a table of this nature, and he was also hoping to support a local company which is exactly what we are. All of the wood for our live edge furniture is sourced locally and it makes its way to us through distributors or sawyers who operate and live in New England.


Lexington Triple-Bookmatch Walnut Live Edge Table with Wooden Base

This awesome custom built live edge walnut table is made of walnut slabs. This is called a triple book match- whereby three thinner slabs are put together to make a table top. A book match allows for us to more easily manipulate the width of the table top. This live edge table is 7 feet long by around 42" wide. It has a lacquer finish with a high degree of stain resistance. The solid walnut legs are inverse trapezoids, and are built without any nails or screws. The legs are bolted into threaded inserts which are installed in the underside of the walnut table top to ensure rigidity.

Walnut Live Edge Table with Stainless Steel Base in the South End

The clients came to us looking for a live edge walnut dining table. We did an exhaustive search for slabs that would meet their requirements and be as beautiful as possible and we came across these gorgeous slabs at the 11th hour. It can be hard at times to find a live edge slab in the exact species that you want, in the exact size that you want.