Reclaimed Oak Dining Table with Square Corner Legs and Brown Tint in NH

A classic Cannon Hill reclaimed oak table. Nobody does it better than us. This table has an Early American stain and a lacquer spray finish. Corner legs are great for seating, and tucking chairs, and this aesthetic will never clash with any setting. It clean, easy, and classic. This table is made from authentic reclaimed oak barn beams that we hand select, de-nail, kiln dry, and then put a massive amount of love and labor into before we have a finished product ready for delivery. The client loved her table! 

Extendable Walnut Table with Skirt and Square Legs in Newton

Classic! ... This walnut table is a classic design- tried and true. This is the can't-go-wrong walnut table design. This is the we-might-move-to-an-entirely-different-style-of-home walnut table design. This is a walnut table with a skirt and square leg assmebly- built to a custom size with the clearance of the room and the size of the family in mind. Clean, simple, sturdy, beautifully crafted, incredible grain pattern, subtle and honest finish.

Reclaimed Oak Kitchen Island-Attached Table in Charlestown

This reclaimed oak table is attached directly to the kitchen island in this newly renovated Charlestown condominium. The idea behind the design is that the table can remain shorter, so that it doesn't encroach upon the doorway entry to the condo, but that there is more room for seating. The table is attached to a ledger that sits invisible between the skirts and is fastened sturdily to the island.

Six Foot Walnut Table with Tapered Legs and Extenders

This table is a quintessential look at the most popular table style right now. A well-built walnut table with no frills. Beautiful natural grain, clean lines, subtle taper to the legs, a medium thickness (1 1/4") top so as to be sturdy but not chunky. It's like farmhouse light. We love making tables like these. The walnut we source is local and we hand select each board after looking at both sides and walking on them. This allows our walnut tables to be flat for decades. It also allows us to pick beautiful boards for our clients.

Four Foot Wide Reclaimed Oak Table and Bench

The clients are remodeling their own home in Natick. They've taken on the remodel as a passion project and wanted a table that fit perfectly into their new dining space that could seat two extra people without getting any longer. The solution was to go wider, so that two can comfortably feet on each end of this wide reclaimed oak dining table. 

Reclaimed Oak Table in Chatham Home

This wide reclaimed oak table with 18-inch extender boards nicely fills the elegant dining space of this beachside house in Chatham on Cape Cod. Reclaimed oak tables are beautiful dining tables in any home, but tend to find themselves more often in natural and rustic settings (e.g. mountain houses, barn houses, beach houses, and farm-to-table restaurants). These are settings you often see farmhouse style tables. That being said, "modern farmhouse" is very much a "thing"! (It's so hot right now).