Reclaimed Oak Coffee Table with Subtle Brown Oil Tint

This reclaimed oak coffee table was built custom for a repeat client who sent us a design she was hoping to achieve in a specific size out of reclaimed oak. That's often time how we do things here- we receive a photo but maybe it's not the right size, proportions, material or finish, and we build it custom for someone. Often it's just simply that people have finally learned that internet furniture stores have a lot of money to spend on photography, but their products never look or feel as nice in person. This table goes great in this space.

Walnut Dining Room Cabinet Oceanside

This four drawer walnut dining cabinet was designed by the client and built by Cannon Hill Woodworking from milled walnut lumber. She sent us a great, simple hand drawing with specs, and we were able to convert that to a computer spec rendering from which we sourced walnut material and began to build. This is a one of a kind custom walnut furniture piece that now lives alongside a walnut dining room table that we made about a year ago. This walnut table looks great in this new construction home overlooking the ocean on the North Shore.

10 foot Elm Countertop with Sink Cutout in Winchester

Ten foot live edge slab countertop in Winchester. We found the perfect slab for this project through Berkshire Products large inventory of elm slabs. This elm slab was the perfect width to leave it live on both sides. It had one tear out, the only imperfection in the entire thing, that lined up right where we would be doing a cutout for a sink. Basically, it was fated to end up in this kitchen. Elm is a really nice, lower cost option to walnut, and it blends really well in most spaces. Elm slabs tend to have a very consistent and clean grain, and a nice color palette.

Incredible Walnut Double Pedestal Trestle Base in Norfolk

This walnut dining table is a Cannon Hill classic. Unlike other companies that will limit you to a few machine made pedestal base options, and then try to stain them to make a "two tone" table, at Cannon Hill we build our bases from the same material as our tops and we make them custom to you design. When we go to the lumber yard, we select the material for each individual project. So we make sure to buy walnut boards that will all go well together and are free from major knots and tear outs. These bases are built by hand from the same walnut material as the top.

Oak Table with Hand Turned Legs and Extensions in Somerville

This white oak table was for a couple who'd recently gotten married and moved into a new place in Somerville. This is a really classic table design, but it just looks better when Cannon Hill Woodworking makes it. For starters we turned the legs in house, so they are made from the same material as the top. Other "custom furniture" companies in Boston would buy these legs from a 3rd party vendor, so material would not be an exact match and the proportions would not be to the client's exact specifications. In this case, the client actually made a computer mock up for us of the legs.

Amazing Walnut Slab with Custom Trestle Base in Needham

The clients for this live edge walnut table had recently purchased a new home in Needham with a really interesting landscaping and a lot of trees all around the house. They have this really great sun room off of their kitchen that they are remodeling into a nice dining space, but they couldn't wait to have a new live edge walnut table that they could really enjoy using. They came to us, as many of our clients do, with an idea for a live edge table, and a few favorite base designs. We helped them search for and select a really gorgeous 8 foot live edge walnut slab.

Massive Reclaimed Oak Table with Painted Base and Matching Bench

Big is beautiful! At Cannon Hill Woodworking we have some big tables under our belt. Building big our of reclaimed oak is an art in an of itself. You need to have the strength and stamina to mill all of this lumber that is dirty, nail ridden, and twisted. Each board in this top weighs around 100 pounds so it takes more manpower to do every step of the process. But at the end, the client is still expecting his quality craftsmanship, joinery, and finish. So just because it's big doesn't mean you can cut any corners in the build and finish process.