Curved Base on Oceanfront Walnut Table in Gloucester

We encourage our clients to get creative and to think outside the box. We've created a number of custom base shapes that might look quite simple on paper, but when you see then executed with black walnut they come to life in incredible ways. We are hoping these bases catch on and more and more people are interested in buying them. These walnut table bases are not cut in a curved shape out of a thick block of wood, which would be wasteful and less structurally sound.

Claro Walnut Slab Desk with Cabriole Legs in Brookline

This Claro Walnut desk with black handmade cabriole legs in Brookline is a really great example of the unique fusion of design elements in which Cannon Hill Woodworking specializes. This is the future of instant classics in desk designs, and we make them better than anyone. Hand flattened, hand sanded, live edge slab top with hand carved cabriole legs and two pen drawers. The design came together after a lengthy sourcing process to hand pick the best materials for an exquisite color palette.

Walnut Table with Cabriole Legs in Rhode Island

The client saw a walnut table that we made on our website and wanted to replicate it to her dimensions. This table is 84" x 38" wide so it comfortably seats 8 and easily squeezes 10 people. The client was very specific about wanting dark boards. Since we select all of our walnut by hand from the mill, we were able to make this walnut table with virtually no light colored sapwood in the top. Some clients specifically ask for extra sapwood- they love the caramels mixed in with the browns of walnut. Therein lies the beauty of custom- you get what you want.

Walnut Table with Cabriole Legs and Skirt Molding Details in Atlanta

This walnut table with cabriole legs is real thing of beauty! We really appreciate when a client wants something truly elegant for their home. We worked closely with the clients, sending photos back and forth and meeting them in our showroom with color samples, to get the exact profile on the molding and finish that they desired. These walnut cabriole legs were designed and handmade in our shop by Cannon Hill's expert woodworker Sam O'Leary, and are built to last. There is a video on our instagram page of Sam working on them. You can find us on instagram @CannonHillWoodworking.