Poolside Teak Storage Bench

Custom built teak storage bench built for a new construction home with a beautiful oceanside pool and pool house. This bench is made from real European teak which is approximately two to three times the cost of some of the teak alternatives. Teak has a natural waxy nature, which repels moisture, and makes it a great option for outdoor furniture. This teak bench has a mesh bottom for storing wet towels while giving them air room to breath. There is also a bottom steel shelf for towels.

Teak Round Dining and Coffee Tables for Outdoor Use

These are seven teak tables we made for a restaurant that is being built in Revere, overlooking the water. Four of the tables are dining height and three are coffee table height. As with many of our projects, on these bases we started with a photograph and we came up with specs and built the bases custom for our clients. These bases have a black zinc powder coat to ensure the most rust proof coating available for seaside furniture.

Outdoor Reclaimed Oak Farmhouse Table and Bench Set at Berkshire Home

This outdoor reclaimed oak table and bench set is made from barn board that is over 150 years old. The wood is no stranger to outdoor use as it has been exposed to the elements for a long time. The table also has 2 24" extensions, so it is 12' long when fully extended.

The finish on outdoor furniture like is very important. We sprayed the table with a 2K acrylic polyurethane meant for outdoor use. It is more flexible than a traditional lacquer or urethane finish which keeps it from cracking while the wood expands and contracts in the humidity fluctuations of New England.