Edge Detailing

Ocean View Walnut Table with Pedestal Bases and Bench

The pedestal bases we make here at Cannon Hill Woodworking for any dining table are completely custom. That beings we can draw options for you, or you can provide a photo to match, or you yourself can take a stab at drawings. This walnut dining table has a pedestal base that began with a drawing on our end, and then the designer took our drawing and made her own redline drawing changes. That simple. It requires a little imagination, but when these walnut table bases were delivered they were absolutely gorgeous. 

Walnut Table with Cabriole Legs in Rhode Island

The client saw a walnut table that we made on our website and wanted to replicate it to her dimensions. This table is 84" x 38" wide so it comfortably seats 8 and easily squeezes 10 people. The client was very specific about wanting dark boards. Since we select all of our walnut by hand from the mill, we were able to make this walnut table with virtually no light colored sapwood in the top. Some clients specifically ask for extra sapwood- they love the caramels mixed in with the browns of walnut. Therein lies the beauty of custom- you get what you want.

Gorgeous Walnut Table with Same-Slab Extension in Back Bay

This table is absolutely stunning. We did everything we could to make it exactly how the clients wanted it, but there's nothing we can do to make the grain so incredible. That's all Mother Nature- that's walnut. This is a single slab!! It's an incredible slab. We were out in Rhode Island many months back buying smaller slabs for a large order of book matched tables and I spotted this slab. I posted in on the Instagram looking for someone who would want a table. When these clients reached out to me, they had several designs in mind.

Mahogany Table with Pedestal Bases in Cambridge

This mahogany table was so incredibly enjoyable to make. It's one of our favorite woods because it's so elegant and regal and yet it has more durability than most other wood types and is even suitable for outdoor use. There are several types of mahogany that can be sourced in New England- though none of the trees are from here. There is Honduran mahogany, and then there is Sipo Mahogany and African Mahogany or Sapele.

Walnut Table with Cabriole Legs and Skirt Molding Details in Atlanta

This walnut table with cabriole legs is real thing of beauty! We really appreciate when a client wants something truly elegant for their home. We worked closely with the clients, sending photos back and forth and meeting them in our showroom with color samples, to get the exact profile on the molding and finish that they desired. These walnut cabriole legs were designed and handmade in our shop by Cannon Hill's expert woodworker Sam O'Leary, and are built to last. There is a video on our instagram page of Sam working on them. You can find us on instagram @CannonHillWoodworking.