4 Corner Wood Legs

Contemporary Table in Milled Walnut

Clients and potential clients sometimes ask us if it would be helpful to have a set of inspiration images, examples of furniture they’ve seen before and really like. Our answer is a resounding yes. Whether you use inspiration images just as a way to set a design tone or as a library of details you definitely want to see in your final piece, they’re always useful to our process of designing custom furniture.

Modern Angular Dining Table in White Oak

One of our strengths here at Cannon Hill is our ability to work in a wide range of styles. We build trestle tables that have their roots in centuries-old traditions of furniture making and design, modern-rustic live edge tables, and we ultra-modern designs with steel bases. Because we’re conversant in all these different design mindsets, we can take elements from each and integrate them into new pieces that fit needs and tastes of each individual client.

Angular South End Walnut Dining Table

We built this custom dining table to have simple, straightforward styling with a contemporary twist. Because the top-quality materials we use are so effective at bringing the natural beauty of wood into our clients’ homes, modern silhouettes and details can sit right alongside traditional spaces without breaking the overall aesthetic. In fact, one of the great things about working here in Boston is seeing how people smoothly integrate new design ideas into homes that have stood here in the city for a hundred years and more.

Reclaimed Oak Corner Leg Dining Table

One of our specialties here at Cannon Hill is a popular style of furniture built from what’s known as “reclaimed” lumber. Reclaimed material is lumber that has previously been used, typically in the framing of buildings, and which has been salvaged during the demolition or renovation of a building. While the demolition process is underway builders will set aside the old posts, beams, joists, and studs for re-use, saving this perfectly usable wood for an entirely new purpose.

Classical Mahogany Dining Table

This gorgeous piece came about when a local high-end interior designer approached us looking for a dining table befitting their clients’ stately home. The clear choice of material was mahogany, famed for its gloriously warm red tones and the visual depth of the grain patterns. In a space like this, in a wood like mahogany, it was clear that we were going to have to develop a design that could stand up to the elements around it while also fitting in. If the interior designer and their clients’ reaction are any indication, we’ve more than succeeded.

Expanding White Oak Round Table

Circular tables that extend from the center, like this one, are an excellent compromise between daily utility and occasional capability. Our clients here were a young family who wanted to make the most of the space that they have on a daily basis, but to maintain the ability to entertain for holidays. After all a new family needs somewhere to establish traditions of their own. We were thrilled to provide this solution, which allows the table to expand from the center out until it reaches a full length of eight feet.

Stained Oak Corner-leg Dining table

Here at Cannon Hill, we work with homeowners and design professionals alike to turn out furniture that will meet or exceed every functional and aesthetic goal that they or their clients can conceive. Designers are channeling their client’s intention and trying to pull a huge range of considerations together into a coherent whole, so we offer them our expertise and our experience. We like to think that we don’t just sell furniture, we collaborate with our clients on a process, professionals or not.

Clean walnut kitchen table

This client came to us because their family was getting older, and they felt it was time to replace the beat-up old kitchen table they’d used and abused for years as the kids grew up. As the children had become more mature and more responsible, our clients decided it was time to invest in a table that fit better with their gorgeous home. We worked with them to make all the design decisions, large and small, that end up in Cannon Hill delivering a stunning piece befitting the space it inhabits.