4 Corner Wood Legs

Expanding White Oak Round Table

Circular tables that extend from the center, like this one, are an excellent compromise between daily utility and occasional capability. Our clients here were a young family who wanted to make the most of the space that they have on a daily basis, but to maintain the ability to entertain for holidays. After all a new family needs somewhere to establish traditions of their own. We were thrilled to provide this solution, which allows the table to expand from the center out until it reaches a full length of eight feet.

Stained Oak Corner-leg Dining table

Here at Cannon Hill, we work with homeowners and design professionals alike to turn out furniture that will meet or exceed every functional and aesthetic goal that they or their clients can conceive. Designers are channeling their client’s intention and trying to pull a huge range of considerations together into a coherent whole, so we offer them our expertise and our experience. We like to think that we don’t just sell furniture, we collaborate with our clients on a process, professionals or not.

Clean walnut kitchen table

This client came to us because their family was getting older, and they felt it was time to replace the beat-up old kitchen table they’d used and abused for years as the kids grew up. As the children had become more mature and more responsible, our clients decided it was time to invest in a table that fit better with their gorgeous home. We worked with them to make all the design decisions, large and small, that end up in Cannon Hill delivering a stunning piece befitting the space it inhabits.

Custom Ash Craft Table and benches

While the bulk of our work is statement-level dining or coffee tables, we also love to build smaller, more personal pieces like this one. Our client for this table and matching bench set is moving towards retirement, and she came to us hoping for a design that she could use as a craft table. While at first blush high-end custom furniture might not seem like the natural direction to go in a craft room, the more we discussed the project with our client the more sense it made. After a long career of hard work, she wanted a workspace that could offer inspiration as well as utility.

Reclaimed Oak Dining Table with Square Corner Legs and Brown Tint in NH

A classic Cannon Hill reclaimed oak table. Nobody does it better than us. This table has an Early American stain and a lacquer spray finish. Corner legs are great for seating, and tucking chairs, and this aesthetic will never clash with any setting. It clean, easy, and classic. This table is made from authentic reclaimed oak barn beams that we hand select, de-nail, kiln dry, and then put a massive amount of love and labor into before we have a finished product ready for delivery. The client loved her table! 

Reclaimed Heart Pine Table with Turned Legs in New Hampshire

These boards were in ROUGH shape when we got out hands on them. We really had to go salvage yard deep sea diving to find them. They got a heavy sand and and lot of love so that they're smooth to the touch and splinter free. There were several rounds of samples sent to the client. The top is flat, though every board has a little texture and movement that you hope for and expect out of reclaimed materials (while still being smooth to the fingertips). There is no tint or stain on this table- just a clear lacquer spray. The turned legs are also pine, and we stained them to match the top.

Classic Walnut Dining Table with Matching Benches

This walnut table and bench set is about as "instant classic" as it gets but is a great example of the versatility of walnut. This table is in Southern Mass, in a Cape style home that has been remodeled. As such there is a lot of wood in the space, but it is modern, updated, clean, and nice. Walnut can be right at home there, but it also fits in super modern white and grey spaces. It's just the freakin best! This table is 96" x 42" and make from thicker 8/4 walnut material. The matching benches are made from the same stock so it all goes well together. 


Oak Table with Hand Turned Legs and Extensions in Somerville

This white oak table was for a couple who'd recently gotten married and moved into a new place in Somerville. This is a really classic table design, but it just looks better when Cannon Hill Woodworking makes it. For starters we turned the legs in house, so they are made from the same material as the top. Other "custom furniture" companies in Boston would buy these legs from a 3rd party vendor, so material would not be an exact match and the proportions would not be to the client's exact specifications. In this case, the client actually made a computer mock up for us of the legs.

Claro Walnut Slab Desk with Cabriole Legs in Brookline

This Claro Walnut desk with black handmade cabriole legs in Brookline is a really great example of the unique fusion of design elements in which Cannon Hill Woodworking specializes. This is the future of instant classics in desk designs, and we make them better than anyone. Hand flattened, hand sanded, live edge slab top with hand carved cabriole legs and two pen drawers. The design came together after a lengthy sourcing process to hand pick the best materials for an exquisite color palette.