Inset/Trestle Wood Bases

Live Edge Coffee Table and Infinity Base

One of the unavoidable facts of furnituremaking is that there will be waste in the process. Whether it’s off-cuts from our tables, shavings from our planes, or sawdust from our sanders, we spend our days turning pieces of wood into smaller ones. We feel a responsibility to make the most of every piece of wood that enters our shop, and we’re loathe to throw any out. In fact, we run a program under which we give off-cuts that aren’t going to make it into our projects to other local woodworkers.

Dark Stained Oak Pedestal Table

Because we make all our furniture to order after a thorough design process, here at Cannon Hill we can tailor every aspect of our work to the relevant specifics of each project. Our clients on this one were after a deep, dark color that would come to a full, consistent appearance but also preserve the grain and texture of the material. After all, when you’re going to the effort and expense of building — and buying — solid wood furniture you want to be able to tell what it is.

16-Foot Live-Edge Beech Table

We like to say that here at Cannon Hill we specialize in showstopping furniture that can command attention in a room — pieces like this one are the proof positive of that capability. This table measures out at over 16 feet long, and required almost the whole Cannon Hill team to deliver. As proud as we are of the table itself — quite a bit, it should be said — this project also points to our abilities after the build itself is over.

Live Edge Walnut Table With Punch-through Base

Sometimes, a client will come in with a very specific design idea in mind, and it’s up to us to turn that idea into a custom piece of furniture that can anchor a room in their home for decades, or generations. This live edge walnut dining table is the product of exactly that process. Our client wanted to see a square steel beam pass through a chunky walnut plate to create an “X” base of a type very different than what we often build.

Live Edge Dining Table with Custom Cradle Base

This table is a fantastic example of the sort of handmade custom furniture we spend our days making here at Cannon Hill. Our clients approached us with a number of inspiration images, and we worked together to unify those images into a single table design. This project obviously draws heavily from the work of famous 20th-century furniture makers, but we endeavor to put our own twist on everything that goes out our door.

Stylish Reclaimed Oak Dining Table

One of our specialties here at Cannon Hill is a popular style of furniture built from what’s known as “reclaimed” lumber. “Reclaimed” material is lumber that has previously been used, typically in the framing of buildings, which has been salvaged during the demolition or renovation of a building. While the demolition process is underway builders will set aside the old posts, beams, joists, and studs for re-use, saving the perfectly usable wood for an entirely new purpose.

Custom Split Dining Table In Walnut

One of the real joys of making custom furniture by hand is that we get to work in a huge range of design styes. Unlike other shops, we don’t work from a catalogue or a menu, so we get the chance to build all sorts of pieces. It all depends on our clients’ taste and the aesthetics of their space. In the design phase, we serve a client’s vision; we will never allow lesser furniture out our door, so we don’t permit nonfunctional design — beyond, that, though, we follow your lead.

Custom Oak Dining Table with Original Base

This white oak dining table is a piece we like to point to when clients wonder what we mean when we talk about custom furniture. It is a true Cannon Hill original. Everything we make is a one-off, handmade right here in our Roxbury workshop to a fresh set of specifications each time. Some furniture shops offer “customization” of a table’s length and width, but that’s about the extent of it. Not so at Cannon Hill.

Custom Walnut Dining Table with Curving Base

This table is a fantastic example of how Cannon Hill’s capacity for designing and building totally custom furniture allows us and our clients freedom. The clients had seen our work online, really liked some of the silhouettes they saw, but had their own ideas about how to bring them more in line with the aesthetic of their own home. That’s the sort if thing we love to hear. At some furniture shops you might be able to “customize” the length, width, or finish of a table, but that’s about it. Not so at Cannon Hill.