Sophisticated Walnut Oval on Beacon Hill

Our clients on this project were updating their gorgeous Beacon Hill home, and came to us looking for a dining table that could match the elegance of the interior. They had done a brilliant job of maintaining the sophistication typical of the neighborhood while also creating a fresh, livable space for themselves. Happily, that’s exactly the mix that we strive for in all our work.

Circle-to-Racetrack White Oak Table with Black Oil

Sometimes the most difficult part of a project has nothing to do with what happens on the shop floor where we do our builds. Landing on a design that fulfills all the needs of a client’s home requires careful attention to the space and a thorough understanding of how they use it. Whether our clients have very particular aesthetics or prefer to allow decisions like materials and finishes to occur as a consequence of other factors, the functional design of a piece is the essential core of everything we make.

Enormous Triple-Bookmatch Walnut Oval

Anyone who sees this sort of table will first and foremost notice its scale. At eleven feet long and six and a half wide, a piece of this size is a per se showstopper. Even if the grain and figure in these particular boards were unremarkable, which they are not, it would be impossible to enter the home and not marvel at the sheer presence of furniture this grand.

Classic Breakfast Nook Oak Table

Here at Cannon Hill, we build in a huge variety of styles depending entirely on what our clients’ needs are for a given space. We build in innovative styles and traditional ones. Our clients on this project had come to us previously for a dining table with more modern styling, but this sunny breakfast banquette called for a table that felt more of a piece with the aesthetics of the kitchen, which featured plush, throwback upholstery and classic millwork.

Custom-designed Milled Walnut Table with Black Inlay

When we say that we’re a custom furniture maker we really mean custom, and it’s fun to get to show it off. Our clients came to us with a strong visual concept, and we worked with them to develop and hone it until that concept turned into a piece of furniture. We intend for our clients to be able to look at our work every day for the rest of their lives and see in their home exactly what they saw in their mind’s eye, so we take care to nail the design on the front end.

Modern Oak Dining Table and Base

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect setting for a table like this one than the modern home on Massachusetts’ South Coast where it now sits. With a beautiful combination of contemporary design and traditional seaside tones, the house offers a perfect marriage of the new and the familiar. Basking in the sun with a gorgeous view down to the water, we hope the table will do the same.

Matched Single-slab Oak Coffee and End Tables

This matched coffee and end table set originated with a set of inspiration images of similar styles that our client really liked the look of. As is often the case, though, the “off-the-rack” tables they found were all lacking. Either sizing, or materials, or finishes, or build quality wasn’t up to snuff no matter where they looked. Here, exactly, is the benefit of working with Cannon Hill: we design and build our own totally custom furniture, order by order, right here in Boston to your specifications.

Asymmetrical Walnut Dining Nook Table

It’s always exciting to work on projects with a funkier look, and tweaking designs to achieve the maximum in functionality is what we do best. On this show-stopping table for a dining nook in Westwood, MA, the interior designers approached us with some inspiration images and an initial size and shape design for the table top. The homeowners have a young and growing family, so their windowside bench seating was a feature of the home they really loved. In order to maximize the seating options and the functionality of the table, we landed on the angular, asymmetrical design you see here.